Bunch Bags Produce Bags Tri-Pack


No More Plastic Produce Bags!

(Please put "NO" in the comments of your order if you do NOT wish to recieve one.)

Bunch bags are eco-friendly, reusable produce bags so you can say "no!" to plastic produce bags. Plus they're one of the few bags we recommend! They're durable, lightweight, reusable and can easily be tossed into your dishwasher with your CRESBI crate to be cleaned. You can use them for picking out your fruits, meats, and vegetables at the grocery and when you get home with your produce you can rinse it right in the Bunch Bag! Convenience AND saving the environment, all in one pretty white bag!

One Tri-Pack for $5.95 contains 3 Bunch Bags or if you just want to try one choose "Single Bunch Bag" for $2.50. If you don't need the "packaging" of the card that holds the tri-pack together (it is nice if you are giving them as a gift) you can save the environment AND a dollar by choosing Tri-Pack "Loose"!

Bunch Bags have other uses, too - try boiling your crawfish in them or laundering your delicate clothing items in one! You can even carry your 2 Pack in one! Just connect your strap's hooks around the top hem of the bunch bag. A cooler insert also slips in there nicely and now you've got 2 crates, a cooler and a produce bag in one nice, easy to carry over your shoulder package! If you are a wholesaler wanting to purchase Bunch Bags for your store to carry please contact Linda @888-883-7259 or Amy at 727-644-1254. Read more about Bunch Bags at www.bunchbags.org.

"We were already sold on how great Bunch Bags were and I was searching online to find more to use as gifts. Wonderful product and perfect with CRESBI crates. In fact, our family's lime green CRESBI crates with the TYE DYE straps continue to impress people and generate "wow" comments wherever we go. It's so much fun shopping with our CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags. We like the convenience, simplified checkout, and plastic-less/paperless packaging. We think it would be awesome if 99% of shoppers used the CRESBI system and Bunch Bags."
Aloha! Michele Lam Half Moon Bay, CA