If your group would like to sell something unique yet functional, green yet easy-to-use, consider the Convenience CRESBI crate!  If you're a nonprofit (or for profit!) with a website and would like to make some easy commissions check out "Affiliates".  At Sun Sugar Farms we want to share the wonderful news about CRESBI with as many people as possible and we're willing to share most of our profit to do just that!

   “In just a few short weeks almost $400 was raised for Alzheimer’s research just by telling others about CRESBI systems. I’d definitely recommend them for other organizations interested in a versatile, sustainable product that practically sells itself!”   
            Julie Wilson, Manager Patient Support Services
            St. Elizabeth Healthcare, Grant County KY

Truly Green Fundraiser
A Truly Green Fundraiser Looking for an exciting and unique fundraising idea that is definitely G..