WHAT IS A CRESBI? (pronounced cress' bee)

It's not just a crate. It's a system AND a lifestyle.  And it fits into every grocery cart: ALL CARTS!

What? You carry a CRATE into the store? With straps? And no one arrests you? Yeah, at first it seems weird and looking at the little suckers who would think they hold as much as they do? But they do! They really replace up to 6 plastic bags!!! And they last WAYYYYY longer than any crappy reusable bag, unless you run them over with a tractor (true story). Plus you can wash them in the dishwasher if your chicken leaks and that's a lot easier because the dishwasher is RIGHT THERE where you emptied all the food out that you just easily brought in. Think you'll forget to put them back in your car? What are you, colorblind? They match NO ONE'S kitchen decor. Think you'll forget to bring them into the store? When you pay this much for grocery containment you will march yourself right back to your car and get them!

And what about that name??? Crispy? Crusty? What the heck? Blame it on Sara Blakely of Spanx. She said madeup names do better and being one of the youngest billionaires in the USA, we tend to listen.

Yeah, we could have named them something common like "clever" collapsible popup shopping basket crates because they are so clever BUT the name actually stands for something.  CRESBI is an acronym for Collapsible Reusable Environmentally-friendly Stackable Box Idea (pronounced "kress bee"). This durable patent-pending SYSTEM for carrying your groceries is smart, flexible, protects your food and saves you time at the store and at home. Developed by a stay-at-home mom/engineer/edamame farmer with a passion for helping others, every multi-system includes an adjustable strap and every system includes some sort form of "thermal protection". They're also available for wholesale, fundraisers, and if you'd like to sell them yourself become a rep - no strings attached! No silly parties required!

carrying groceries

Why buy a CRESBI crate system? The MANY benefits:

  • SAVE THE EARTH - One CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags, depending on what you buy.
  • AVOID THE HASSLE OF RECYCLING PLASTIC BAGS One shopper in one year on average gets 500 plastic bags, no need to recycle now!
  • AVOID GERMS ON QUICK TRIPS - You don’t have to use the store’s basket by bringing in your own CRESBI crate.
  • SAVE TIME AT THE CHECKOUT - If the checkers at the store you shop at have hand-held scanners, open your crates when you walk in the store. Put your barcodes up on your products as you place them in the crates. If it’s not too full, at checkout the checker can scan them in the crate with a handheld scanner and not take them out of the crates.
  • SAVE YOUR PRODUCTS - No more free range cans, bruised fruit, or crushed bread.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE, SAVES SPACE - Stackable CRESBI crates can be used forpotlucks, camping, etc then collapsed down.
  • THERMAL PROTECTION INCLUDED - All systems except the Cooler 5 Pack come with the custom- fit cooler insert to keep foods hot or cold.
  • EASY TO CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE - You can kill 99% of bacteria by washing CRESBI crate in In very hot water like that in a dishwasher.
  • ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE - Love the CRESBI crate concept but want more? Check out all the great accessories!
  • FITS ALL GROCERY CARTS - Collapsible crates have been around forever but CRESBI crates are light yet sturdy, plus they fit into every grocery cart, no matter how much or how little you buy there's a CRESBI system for everyone. Check it out: ALL CARTS!
  • SUPPORT A COMMUNITY-MINDED WOMAN-OWNED COMPANY - Sun Sugar Farms is a 100% woman-owned business and supports many nonprofit organizations including schools and food pantries.


It all started with beans. And hating waste. For these reasons and more Linda Fritz created CRESBI Crates, a crate and strap system that's stronger and more durable than reusable or plastic bags for the grocery, but also doubles as an easy way to harvest her produce. As the owner of Sun Sugar Farms in Verona, Kentucky Linda had been growing edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes. By 2012 she was selling hundreds of pounds in the local Cincinnati area while also donating produce to schools and food pantries. "I was transporting the edamame in boxes and I hated that the boxes were getting soggy and probably getting thrown away", she explains. "So I bought a couple bins like the produce guys use at the grocery store use. At the same time stores had started pushing plastic bags over the paper ones that I was using for weed control in my garden. And I thought why couldn't I use the bins for groceries?" Since those initial bins were a bit too large and industrial (and after many trials and tribulations) she designed a strap that she makes in Kentucky to go with a lightweight collapsible crate that's the perfect size. As her farm business grew the crates were easy for use harvesting by any of her student and women workers because of how much they could hold without getting too heavy. Plus both strap and crate are dishwasher safe, stack easily when preparing for deliveries, and fold up quickly when not in use. Last year Linda grew over a ton of edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes. And every one of them? Yep, picked in a CRESBI Crate.