Bunch Bags Produce Bags

These bags are amazingly big and versatile - no more produce bags piling up in your pantry!  These eco-friendly, reusable produce bags are one of the few bags we recommend! They're durable, lightweight, reusable and can easily be tossed into your dishwasher with your CRESBI crate to be cleaned. You can use them for picking out your fruits, meats, crawfish and vegetables at the grocery and when you get home with your produce you can rinse it right in the Bunch Bag! Convenience AND saving the environment, all in one pretty white bag!

But what's this?  Poop Bags with Produce Bags?  People always protest that if they give up the 500 free plastic bags that the grocery gives them each year, what will they put their dog and cat poop in?!?  How about every other bag they get in life?  If they haven't bought Bunch Bags yet there's produce bags, bread, bagels, cereal, muffins and frozen vegetable bags, newspaper bags, shipping envelopes, use some creativity, people!  One third of what ends up in landfills is merely the packaging we use to get stuff to ourselves!  At least try to use it one more time! 

OR ...if you're looking for something more stylish that you know will bio-degrade...consider the Poop Bag!

Bunch Bags Produce Bags Tri-Pack
No More Plastic Produce Bags! (Please put "NO" in the comments of your order if you do NOT wish t..