Homemade Gourmet Granola to Go

Honestly, I don't even like granola, it's too messy to eat. I don't like maple syrup either. But when my dad started tapping maple trees and giving me what seemed like giant containers of it, I found a recipe to use the maple syrup in - granola!  After adding a few touches of my own, and putting it in a bottle so I didn't actually have to touch it, I came up with a granola even I like.  I call it "Forget the Spoon Gourmet Granola-to-Go". Plus I can "drink" it right out of the bottle like my mom always told me not to!  

All the ingredients like oats, coconut pieces, and pecans are as big as they can be AND - wait for it - we make it FRESH when we get an order!  Once you get a container of it and eat your granola, rinse the container out and recycle it.  Or refill it with more granola by buying our 5 Servings in Bulk. You'll love it and it's less waste!  

We also have a special "Granola Gift Crate" where you get 10 Pecan Granola containers plus 5 different flavors to taste test delivered in our Burgundy Baby Crate!  Our taste-testing flavors are Golden Raisin, White Chocolate, Smoked Salt, Almond, Dark Chocolate.


Granola To Go - Single Serve 3 oz
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Granola To Go - Bulk
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