The Kentucky Department of Agriculture newsletter just featured an article about Sun Sugar Farms' new Sustainable Produce Container! Hopefully it spark some interest in being more sustainable with other farmers and will help reduce the amount of packaging going to Kentucky landfills!

Read Newsletter article: A Better Box 



August 1, 2018

Giant horticulture tool and supply company A.M. Leonard and their other company Gardeners' Edge is now offering orange and lime green CRESBI crate systems with dark green straps. Pick up some as a harvest crate for produce and check out all of their other great tools and supplies. They also offer our new Sustainable Produce Container so you can order everything at once! 


An Alternative to Plastic Produce Containers Emerges from Small Midwest Farm July 26, 2018

Linda Fritz, a former automotive engineer, is an unlikely organic farmer as she claims she doesn’t like vegetables. After tasting edamame in a restaurant and then sun sugar cherry tomatoes, she decided to start growing them. From this sprouted Sun Sugar Farms, with a passion for sustainability guiding her business.

Read the article: Organic Produce Network



John Cremeans hosts the My Cool Inventions Academy
Dream Big America Studios, St Petersburg, FL October 11, 2016

In the My Cool Inventions Academy we talk to Inventor Linda Fritz about her invention's premiere on HSN's American Dreams! In today's episode you'll find out what it's like to pitch your invention to 90-million people and the steps she took to make her dreams a reality!

Watch the show:



Shannon Fox hosts HSN morning show and loves to try out new products. 
HSN Studios, St Petersburg, FL October 11, 2016

Watch video here: HSN TODAY (coming soon)


Adam Freeman hosts his own show on HSN and has a great time with Akos Jankura discovering new products.
HSN Studios, St Petersburg, FL October 10, 2016




WXIX Fox19 morning show interview 
Cincinnati, OH, October 5, 2016 

Ok, so Frank Marzullo has got to be one of the smartest guys on TV, we talked for a mere 0.2 seconds before our on-air time and he understood immediately all the features and benefits that the CRESBI system offers shoppers. Thanks to the producers at WXIX for giving a hometown inventor a chance to practice for her national opportunity! 

Watch the segment here: FOX19 Once You Go Box You'll Never Go Bag



Cheryl A. Clarke
Williamsport, PA October 8, 2016 

It was a privilege to be interviewed by Cheryl Clarke of the Wiliamsport Sun Gazette. She did a terrific job gathering and making sure all the information was correct about the CRESBI systems and their history. 

Read the full article: Williamsport Sun Gazette





July 31, 2016
Special Olympics Area 9 wanted a unique product to sell as a fundraiser that everyone could use. They liked the CRESBI crate systems so much they ordered enough to get their own straps made. 

Local story: Go Green & Helping Others



By Anthony Wyatt
NKyTribune reporter, July 25, 2016 

Anthony Wyatt goes in depth to discover more about entrepreneur and environmentalist Linda Fritz. From the care taken in growing the fresh edamame to how CRESBI Crates can save the world from plastic bags, Anthony shares the background and passion that was involved in getting to this point.

Read the story: NKY TRIBUNE


Terre Haute, IN, March 13, 2016 

Driving through Indiana from Chicago, Illinois to Terre Haute, Indiana was nothing less than sad. Plastic bags flew about like tumbleweeds and gathered in the fences along State Route 41 and 63. Farmers' fields looked like there was a leftover cotton harvest but the tuffs of white were bleached out plastic bags. And then the Indiana legislature passes a law banning plastic bag bans! So where is their better idea to reduce all this pollution? Read story here: Indiana Plastic Bag Bill


Linda Fritz giving $350 check to Julie Wilson


Sun Sugar Farms CRESBI Crate Fundraiser helps raise money for charity
Grant County, KY December 18, 2015 & August 23, 2016

Sun Sugar Farms was blessed to be able to help in the fight against Alzheimer's and at the same time reduce plastic bag usage. Julie Wilson, Manager of Patient Support Services at St. Elizabeth Healthcare Grant County, introduced CRESBI crate systems to her co-workers as a fundraiser. She raised $350 for the Alzheimer's Association by selling CRESBIs in just a few weeks and again in the fall raised $525! Great job Julie and thanks to all of our new customers for your support! You're helping fund vital research against this disease and at the same time helping the environment! For more info about fundraising opportunities with CRESBI crate systems click here: FUNDRAISER



Baesler's offers special pricing on CRESBI multi-systems
Terre Haute, Indiana November 7, 2015 

Just in time for America Recycles Day (November 15) Baesler's is promoting the sale of CRESBI multi-systems for customers to use in conjunction with Baesler's new hand-held scanners.  On November 7th from 10AM-3PM the CRESBI crew will be delivering Baesler's third order of 200 CRESBI crates and will demo the 3N1 Special, 4N1 Special and Cooler 5 Pack. These systems feature Baesler's Market straps and pricing of up to 20% below the regular pricing. Shoppers can open the crates in their carts, place their items in the crates barcodes up, place the crates on the conveyer at checkout and the Baesler associate can then use their handheld scanner to scan the items right in the crates. No waste with plastic bags and no wasted time at checkout.  Baesler's was featured on two news broadcasts!




Linda Fritz invited to appear on popular Japanese TV Show as an International Inspector
Tokyo, Japan June 8, 2015 – watch the video here: World Gets a Surprise! International Inspectorates

At the end of May, the owner of Sun Sugar Farms, Linda Fritz, was invited to appear on a Japanese TV program that features an in-depth look at an occupation, showing how it is done in Japan and getting comments from the "International Inspector" comparing it to their country and expressing anything that impresses them. Even though Linda tried to explain that she is a small, practically organic edamame grower and that there were probably many larger U.S. edamame growers who would be a better choice, they persisted and the opportunity of an all-expenses paid trip to Japan with plenty of free time was too good to pass up! Just over a week later she was on a plane to Tokyo with a planned shoot in the Gifu Prefecture to visit the Japanese edamame farmer, the farmer's market where it was sold and the packing plant. Produced by the major network TV Asahi (20 million+ viewers) for the Saturday night prime time slot, the program aired in July and was the second highest segment watched so far this year. It was an amazing trip and a blessing to meet so many wonderful people.



Baesler's Market offers a new more environmentally-friendly way to shop by promoting CRESBI Crates. 
Terre Haute, IN, May 15, 2015 – read article and watch the video here: Baesler's Market WTHITV

Casey Baesler, Store Manager at Baesler's Market made the bold move to promote and sell CRESBI crates in their Terre Haute stores.  The response was overwhelming with over 160 Convenience CRESBI Crates sold during the 5 hour initial demo/delivery.  With their new handheld scanners coming soon, the checkout times may also improve as more shoppers put their items in barcodes up for the checkers to scan everything right in the crates.  Interested in learning more?  Here's a flier to consider all the possibilities:  GROCERY STORE BENEFITS




Our sister company Kodiak Video Productions helps create an award-winning video entry for Xavier University.

Cincinnati, OH, March 28, 2015
Besides using the amazing Eco-Takeouts that we are a distributor for, Xavier University has been a pioneer in the area of dining waste management in many ways. This video covers some of the sustainable methods Xavier Dining uses in reducing waste and improving their bottom line.



Sun Sugar Farms is listed on the Green Homes Tour to help others learn about sustainable growing practices.

Cincinnati, OH, March 20, 2015 – read more here: Green Living Member Circle







Linda Fritz is honored as one of twelve Cincinnatians who has found success after a first career as a Second Act winner. Cincinnati, OH, September 19, 2014 – read article here: Second Act






Sun Sugar Farms supplies sustainably-grown fresh edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes to four select Kroger stores this season: Anderson, Hyde Park, Newport and Walton. Long-time edamame ;customers include Green Bean Delivery and Kremer's Market on Buttermilk Pike.

Cincinnati, OH, August 19, 2014




Google Hangout


Meilani MacDonald, Brand Identity Outreach Strategy Consultant hosts this helpful Google Hangout on the 1st 3rd Fridays of each month.

The Internet September 19, 2014 - Linda Fritz was the guest discussing "Taking a Product from Idea to Market". Host Meilani MacDonald interviewed Linda on the aspects of starting a business and taking an idea from concept to completion, the problems you run into and how hiring part-time people helps ;make things a little easier. Those joining in the hangout got a chance to ask questions and share ideas from their business perspectives.



National Urban League Small Business Administration Finalists

NUL SBA Business Pitch Competition was held during the 2014 Entrepreneur Summit

Cincinnati, OH July 28, 2014 - Presented by The Coca-Cola Company, the NUL-SBA Business Pitch contest was an interactive way to engage and encourage participants who have been in business for five years or less. Over 100 people across the US submitted their video applications. CRESBI Crate creator Linda Fritz advanced from the top 10 entrepreneurs with a 90 second pitch to the top 5 finalists, barely missing the cash prize.


Dream Big America is a modern day platform for entreprenuers across America to learn, interact, discover the resources needed to get great ideas to the market, and help get great ideas, American Dreams, come to fruition.

July 3, 2014 - Thank you to all who voted for us during the past week for Dream Big America! Although Sun Sugar Farms did not win because of the competition's immense number of followers on Twitter, Dream Big America has provided great publicity for Sun Sugar Farms. Please make sure to follow us on Twitter so we can catch up!


Sun Sugar Farms Announces Second Quarter 2014 Results
Sun Sugar Farms reports

Cincinnati, OH, July 15, 2014 - Sun Sugar Farms announces increased financial growth for the second quarter. This was due to several big custom orders including (350) full Convenience CRESBI crates with inserts to the Bank of Kentucky and (150) 3N1 Specials and (600) custom logo keychains to Usborne Books of Oklahoma. The City of Shoreline, Washington also purchased (1000) CRESBI crates with custom-designed strap for their Earth Day giveaway due to a recent bag ban. They chose CRESBI crates over reusable bags because most reusable bags cannot be recycled.



Dream Big America is a modern day platform for entreprenuers across America to learn, interact, discover the resources needed to get great ideas to the market, and help get great ideas, American Dreams, come to fruition.

June 13, 2014 - CRESBI Crate Systems competed against two other start-up companies during the week and, thanks to your votes, won! We are very excited to see how Dream Big America is going to impact CRESBI Crate Systems in the near future!



MY COOL INVENTIONS RADIO NETWORK - SECOND PITCHExclusive Hands free cooler system on my cool gadgets website
My Cool Inventions Radio hosts Akos Jankura 'The Solutionist' and John Cremeans 'The Doctor of Shopology' provide their over 60 years of expert advice on the industry of inventing products and how to successfully produce products from inception to retail.

Tampa, FL, June 12, 2014 - CRESBI Crate systems were pitched for the second time on My Cool Inventions Radio Network and ;won the radio personalties' and the audience's vote again. Listen to the show: June 12th 2014 Part 1 and Part 2


Cincinnati USA Business Awards is an annual signature event hosted by Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber to recognize and congratulate the success of businesses in Cincinnati USA.

Cincinnati, OH, May 13, 2014 - Sun Sugar Farms was recognized as a company with a 'Best New Product of the Year by the Cincinnati USA Business Awards and placed as a finalist.


MY COOL INVENTIONS RADIO NETWORKExclusive Hands free cooler system on my cool gadgets website
My Cool Inventions Radio hosts Akos Jankura 'The Solutionist' and John Cremeans 'The Doctor of Shopology' provide their over 60 years of expert advice on the industry of inventing products and how to successfully produce products from inception to retail.  After they interview an inventor the audience gets to vote THUMBSUP or THUMBSDOWN on that inventor's new product.

Tampa, FL, April 22, 2014 (Earth Day) - CRESBI Crate systems got 99% THUMBSUP and has an exclusive system featured for sale on their website The Hands-Free CRESBI Cooler System.  Listen to the show:  MYCOOLINVENTIONS (Scroll down to LindaFritz_CresbiCrateSystem04222014)


A syndicated public affairs program dealing with the solutions to problems of energy, conservation and the environment.  

Cincinnati, OH, March 2014 - Sun Sugar Farms owner Linda Fritz is interviewed by host David Surber at the WKRC-TV, Channel 12 studio in Cincinnati on her efforts to help the environment and reduce waste in the tristate and all over the country. Click here to watch:
INTERVIEW1 (2774)  CRESBI Crate Systems
INTERVIEW2 (2775)  Eco-Takeout To-Go Containers


Soapbox media article about alternative to reusable bags

CRESBI Crates are the featured story on the SoapBox Media website, a website and weekly online magazine about the Greater Cincinnati area and the growing companies in it.

Cincinnati, OH, March 2014 – read article here: Soapbox Media


Linda Fritz is a featured story on the website, an online lifestyle publication for women in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Cincinnati, OH, March 2014 – read article here: CincyChic Spotlight



Linda Fritz gets a chance to show off her CRESBI Crates when Brent Cooper visits with her at the Northern Kentucky Chamber.  

Fort Mitchell, KY, March 2014 – watch the video here: NKYPrezontheRoad Episode 4



Sun Sugar Farms launches redesigned website, announces affiliate with SkinnyMom

Cincinnati, OH, February 2014 – Sun Sugar Farms announces affiliate programs are available on the newly redesigned Sun Sugar Farms website.  SkinnyMom, a blog for moms where they can get the "skinny" on healthy living, is the first affiliate and offers a custom SkinnyMom strap on a hot pink Convenience CRESBI crate.


Sun Sugar Farms a Finalist in the WE Celebrate Awards
Sponsored by the Cincinnati Regional Chamber

Cincinnati, OH, December 5, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms is a finalist with the CRESBI Crate for the 2013 WE Celebrate Awards in the Best New Product/Service of the Year category.  This is an annual event honoring women and women-owned businesses for their achievement, innovation, social responsibility and mentoring. Watch the video here: VIDEO.


Featured Story
Linda Fritz is a featured story on the website Women Move the Soul

October 18,2013 - Linda Fritz is the featured story on the website Women Move the Soul: Women Inspiring Women


Sun Sugar Farms Receives National Certification as WBE
Sun Sugar Farms is now certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise

Cincinnati, OH, September 3, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms Owner, Linda Fritz, received word from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) that her company had received national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise.  To achieve this national standard of certification Fritz completed a detailed application and underwent a meticulous process which required an in-deph review of the business and a site inspection.  The certification process is designed to confirm the business is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a woman.  Having this certification assures purchasing agents seeking to have a diverse supplier base that they are purchasing from a woman-owned company.

Going Greener than the Green Room
Theatre House offers customers a “green” carrying solution for their theatrical supplies by now carrying the multi-purpose CRESBI crate.

Verona, KY, October 21, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms announced officially today that their Convenience CRESBI crates will be sold by Theatre House, one of the largest and oldest theatrical supply companies in the nation based near Cincinnati, Ohio.cresbi crates are great for carrying theatrical supplies

“Our family uses CRESBI crates ourselves for grocery shopping,” explains Richard Gaukel, owner of Theatre House, “their packing power is pretty amazing.  We saw that the Convenience CRESBI crates might also help out prop directors, stage crews, and especially someone assigned to do craft services.  The strap lets you pop open the crate quickly and carry it with one hand.  Then when you’re done it collapses down for easy storage to use again and again.  It’s definitely a green idea and something we wanted our customers to know about.”

CRESBI® crates stack when opened or collapsed but are unique from other crates because they are paired with straps, bags, coolers, or a bigger crate to create a system. They’re dishwasher-safe and one Convenience CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic grocery bags.

“We’re thrilled to have Theatre House as a reseller,” says CRESBI crate creator and Sun Sugar Farms owner, Linda Fritz. “One of our first CRESBI sales was to a drama professor at Carnegie Mellon University so we know there’s value. We’ve also sold CRESBI crates to ESPN’s video library, TVA’s biology department, and a nonprofit in California ordered 100 of the Convenience CRESBI crates for their Meals on Wheels volunteers.  It’s great to see all these companies using a green alternative to cardboard boxes and plastic bags.  We know Theatre House will be a factor in getting the word out about CRESBI crates with their large customer base.”

carry theater stuffcateringcatering a playcollapsible crateconvenient basketcraft serviceseco-friendlyeco-shoppingfaster shoppingfood for green roomgreen roomgrocery bagsshopping healthytheater painttheater performancetheatrical supplies


A Better Way to Shop & Be Green

makes grocery carrying easier

Union, KY – October 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms' CRESBI Crates featured in the Triple Crown Magazine: TRIPLE CROWN


Crates Help Reduce Use of Shopping Bags

Cincinnati, OH – June 7, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms' CRESBI Crates featured in the Cincinnati-based newspaper: ENQUIRER


Donation made to W-V Elementary School

Verona, KY – May 10, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms' contributed over 250 CRESBI Mini Crates for the 3rd and 4th grade students at the Walton-Verona Elementary School as a prize incentive for their efforts during state testing.  Colossal CRESBIs were also donated for the Parent Volunteer Luncheon.  For the Knights of Northern Kentucky Chess tournament hosted by Walton-Verona Elementary, Sun Sugar Farms provided CRESBI Mini Crates for all the participants at cost; these were then used to encourage the solving of a volume puzzle contest.  (How many earth globe stress balls can YOU calculate will fit in a Mini CREESBI crate???)


New Power Packing Alliance Packs 1 - 2 Eco Punch

Sun Sugar Farms is partnering their CRESBI crates with Bunch Bags Produce Bags to virtually eliminate the need for plastic bags at the grocery store.

Verona, KY – May 3, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms, LLC announced today the official marketing alliance of their CRESBI® Crates grocery shopping systems with Bunch Bags Reusable Produce Bags of Belleair Bluffs, Florida.  CRESBI® crates can hold up to six plastic bags worth of groceries, eliminating the hassle of recycling plastic bags or the problem of cheap reusable bags ending up in landfills. Bunch Bags Reusable Produce Bags replace the clear or green plastic bags commonly available on rolls in the produce section of supermarkets.

“CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags make a great combination,” explains Linda Fritz, owner of Sun Sugar Farms and creator of the CRESBI crates. “Both are packing powerhouses, holding much more than plastic bags can and much more than people expect them to.” 

an alternative to plastic produce bagsCustomers are reacting favorably to the new alliance.  Michele Lam of Half Moon Bay, California has bought numerous CRESBI crates systems and Bunch Bags in the last few weeks for her friends and family since finding the CRESBI website.

“Our family's lime green CRESBI crates with the tye dye straps continue to impress people and generate "wow" comments wherever we go," says customer Michele, "It's so much fun shopping with our CRESBI crates. We like the convenience, simplified checkout, and plastic-less/paperless packaging. We think it would be awesome if 99% of shoppers used the CRESBI system.  In combination with the Bunch Bags Produce Bags it’s definitely a positive impact for the environment."

CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags are both made of a durable polypropylene and can be washed in the  dishwasher, where 99.9% of any bacteria problems can be eliminated with the high water temperature. They also have multiple uses besides groceries - CRESBI crates can be used for temporary storage and Bunch Bags for washing delicate laundry items.

And what about the fact that many people reuse plastic bags at least once?  Amy Ferguson, CEO of Bunch Bags explains, “Consumers already buy a lot of plastic they could reuse for their trash cans and dog walking in the form of packaging.  Things like baked goods, frozen vegetables, pretzels and chips – these all come in plastic bags that can be reused.  Plus, as green legislation sweeps the country, eventually customers will have to pay for the containment they’re now getting free from retailers.  CRESBI crates and Bunch Bags help consumers get ahead of the curve.”

Both companies have added links to each other’s sites.  Sun Sugar Farms will offer Bunch Bags at a $0.50 discount for a 3 pack over other retailers’ prices as an incentive to buy both crates and bags from their web site.  With Farmer’s Markets opening soon, Sun Sugar Farms will also include a free Bunch Bag sample with every order they ship during the month of June.  Fritz also designed the  site to allow visitors to view videos of the different CRESBI® systems and then link to the company’s Sun Sugar Farms e-commerce site to purchase. A short demo video plays upon initially accessing the CRESBI® site that features the main character with Bunch Bags in the CRESBI crates.


Greenhouse Goes Greener with NEW Green Carrying Idea
Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouses offers customers a “green” carrying solution for their plants and flowers by now selling the NEW multi-purpose CRESBI crate.

Verona, KY, April 16, 2013 - Sun Sugar Farms announced today that their Convenience CRESBI crates will be sold by Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouses, one of the oldest and largest family-owned nurseries in Northern Kentucky.

use a cresbi crate at a greenhouse or nursery to carry plants upright

“One of our employees first started using CRESBI crates for grocery shopping,” explains Todd Baeten of Baeten’s Nursery & Greenhouses, “we like that a CRESBI crate helps customers keep their plants and flowers upright and safe for the ride home.  And even though we do offer cardboard boxes to carry plants home in, if all customers used these it would definitely help out the bottom line and avoid the hassle of recycling.  It’s a green idea we wanted to make available for our customers.”

CRESBI® crates stack when opened or collapsed but are unique from other crates because they are paired with straps, bags, coolers, or a bigger crate to create a CRESBI system. They’re dishwasher-safe and one Convenience CRESBI crate can replace up to 6 plastic grocery bags.


“We love having a “green” business as a reseller,” says CRESBI crate creator and S