Repurpose / Recycle Reusable Bags!


Promotional companies have flooded the market with billions cheap reusable bags and have convinced everyone from Corporate America to Mom & Pop shops that they’re being “green” by offering these bags. Plus what business owner can resist the opportunity to look green when they're making green: most reusable bags that cost $0.10 - $0.25 to produce are sold for $0.99 - $3.00. If everyone by law has to use them then they also save $.01 to $.05/bag they would have had to give out! So besides that little deceptive "greenwashing", what’s the problem? 
1. Most of the material used in reusable bags is not a real fabric, it a plastic fiber (polypropylene) spunbound to look like it’s ”woven” - hence the name “nonwoven polypropylene”. It rips easily, like paper.
nonwoven polypropylene2. To clean it you're supposed to "hand wash in cold only". The material wears out quickly when washed in the water temperature hot enough to kill bacteria.
3. The material takes much longer to degrade than regular plastic bags.
4. They may contain lead.
5. WORST OF ALL: There is virtually NO place that will recycle them and they will end up in a landfill!

• Durable & long-lasting, even if you break the hinge they can still be used for storage.
• Dishwasher safe and able to handle the hot temperatures needed to kill bacteria.
• Tons of packing power: one crate can replace up to 6 plastic or small reusable bags, depending on what you’re buying!

RECYCLE YOUR REUSABLE BAGS HERE! To help keep nonwoven polypropylene bags out of landfills where they will be a bigger problem than plastic bags, Sun Sugar Farms is offering a credit program! Give us your bags to recycle/repurpose by weaving them into rugs or other useful items and we give you a $0.10/bag credit towards your purchase of any CRESBI crate system!
• Drop off or send us your clean nonwoven polypropylene bags of any size: Sun Sugar Farms 1258 Maddox Lane Verona, KY 41092
• Get $0.10 credit PER BAG towards the purchase of any CRESBI crate system.
• Include your name, phone and ESPECIALLY your email address (so we can email you a coupon!).
• We’ll email you a code for the amount of bags you turn in. How do you tell if it's nonwoven polypropylene? Watch the video to find out!

All profits from the sales of repurposed reusable bag products below go to charity.

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