Pens dry up.  Coffee mugs get broke.  And those ubiquitous "reusable" bags?  Most of the ones given out can NOT be recycled and will end up in a landfill!  If you're a company serious about giving green promotional items and you want a unique, functional customer gift or employee incentive that anyone can appreciate for years to come - consider a CRESBI crate system!  For small minimums and sometimes even no setup cost, we have a variety of systems and price-points to choose from that will keep you "top of mind". Plus, unlike most promotional items that have no American content, CRESBI crates were designed in Kentucky and parts of the system are made in Kentucky, Oregon and Rhode Island. Perfect for banks, booksellers, video libraries, caterers, bakers, pet resorts, realtors, freight-forwarders, builders - any business that moves or protects people or products and creates a safe place to contain things!  And for restaurants the Eco-Takeouts fit perfectly in a CRESBI crate and can also be customized!  Call us today to discuss the best green promotional item you'll ever buy!

"I gave a presentation to all of the employees at the Family Nurturing Center this morning and I gave two of your crates as door prizes.  I also told them about your company and story.  Well, they loved it and a few have already emailed me for your website!"  Mark Exterkamp, Executive Vice President, Bank of Kentucky

CRESBI Custom Strap
Customizable Green Promotional Product Customize the CRESBI strap with your company or family..
Customize the CRESBI 2Pack Bag
Custom Made-in-USA Bags Minimum order: 20 Includes bag, shoulder strap, thermal insert and 2 CRE..