Q: What is a CRESBI Crate? 
A: "What is a CRESBI crate?" and "why buy it?" questions answered here: CRESBI Demo!

Q: What is the right size CRESBI product for me?
A: It depends on how often you go to the store and what type of cart you normally use. At CRESBI you can click on the main choices of CRESBI products and watch a demo video of each. Click here to see a PDF of CRESBI crates stacked in the various cart sizes that exist or check out our electronic catalog: CATALOG

Q: How do I operate my CRESBI crates?
A: Click here to see how to open, close and use your crates. You can also go to the CRESBI homepage to see any of the video demos!

Q: Where are retail places that sell CRESBI Crate Systems?
A: Various CRESBI systems (usually the Convenience Systems) are sold at:
Barnstead Pantry (Troy PA)
Hagedorn Appliances (Erlanger, KY)
Baesler's Market(Terre Haute, IN)
Kremer's Market (Crescent Springs, KY)
Theatre House (Covington, KY)

Q: I want to some CRESBI crates as a gift to another address, can I include a personal note?
A: Yep! Just put in your notes what you want to say (or email [email protected]) and we'll print it up and put it in a nice envelope!

Q: How can a CRESBI Crate system help me stay healthy?
A: If you open your crate(s) up when you walk in the store and put your items in with the barcodes up, all the checker has to do is scan right across the barcodes without touching the items if they have a handheld scanner. By using CRESBI you avoid the nested convenience basket where people definitely put their hands (which means pathogenic bacteria..ew!), the germs from big carts(a random test suggested fecal contamination in carts!), and the germs in your own reusable bag that you probably haven't washed and the bag boy is going to touch while packing. As opposed to these other germ-infested grocery tools, your CRESBI crate can be washed in hot water (like that of a dishwasher) where 99% of the germs will be washed away!

Q: How does the $0.10 credit work for recycling nonwoven polypropylene reusable bags?
A: Very few recycling centers in the USA recycle the low cost reusable bags that companies buy for promotional purposes or sell for $1-$2. Sun Sugar Farms will take your clean reusable #5 bags, repurpose them into rugs, and give you a $0.10 credit per bag towards any CRESBI crate system purchase. Read more here:  RECYCLE REUSABLE BAGS PAGE or download a poster: RECYCLE REUSABLE BAGS POSTER.

Q: What are CRESBI crates made of?
A: CRESBI crates are made of virgin polypropylene (#5 plastic) beacuse CRESBI needs to be strong and dishwasher safe. Because CRESBI is made of #5 virgin plastic it is 100% recyclable! We intend CRESBI to be the last piece of plastic you will ever need to buy!

Q: Where does the name CRESBI come from?
A: CRESBI stands for Collapsible Reusable Environmentally-friendly Stackable Box Idea. It gives the little crates an identity instead of just being "the crates". Plus "K" sounding words are fun to say and hear.

Q: How did you come up with the CRESBI crate idea?
A: It was a combination of hating the plastic bag monster I'd have to recycle every month or so, never buying into the reusable bags because they weren't very sturdy, and trying to find small enough collapsible produce bins to take my bulk edamame to market. The first crates I found for the edamame were pretty industrial but I began using those prototypes for groceries and people asked about them and thought they were a neat idea!

Q: Can CRESBI crate systems keep you healthier?
A: We believe YES! Open up your crates when you shop and put your items in with the barcode up. Set the CRESBI crates on the conveyor and at the larger stores you can ask erk to scan the items with a handscanner. They'll love you because they increase their scans per minute, and you'll love you because you avoided a bunch of germs and colds. When you get home you can always wash the CRESBI and remove 99.9% of the bacteria you may have picked up. Check out this segment of Mythbusters to see how easily germs are spread:


Q: Besides helping eliminate plastic bags from landfills, what else can CRESBI crates do?
A: Save time! How silly is it that we handle an item so many times: Pick it off the shelf, place in cart, place on conveyer, scan item, place in bag, place bag in cart, push cart to car, place bag in car, carry bag into house, go back and get stuff in car that fell out of bag, take bags back to grocery store. With the CRESBI crates you can open them in your cart, fill them with the products UPC codes up, and use a handheld scanner so you can leave them in the crates as you checkout. They hold more but not so much that they're too heavy, and they will not break easily like those chintzy plastic bags!

Q: Isn't carrying a CRATE into the store kind of weird? How do people react to CRESBI crates?
A: Yeah, it's definitely different! But baggers love them because they're not flopping around like reusable bags, checkers love them because they improve their speed, and people who value their time and the groceries they purchase describe them as "genius". See our customer TESTIMONIALS here!

Q: What CRESBI products are made in the USA?
A: The CRESBI coolers for the Cooler 6 Pack are made by Algoma Company union workers in Wisconsin. The picture CRESBI quality webbing and utility webbing by Strapworks in Oregon, Transtex in Rhode Island or Yellow Dog Design in North Carolina . The straps are assembled, Mini CRESBI bottle dividers are made, and the little black CRESBI bags are made, embroidered and screenprinted in the local Walton, KY area.

Q: Why aren't all of the CRESBI products made in the USA?
A: I tried! When I contacted various plastics manufacturers about making the collapsible crates for me no one was interested. In fact, one company told me if I wasn't Kroger, I wasn't interested in renting crates and I didn't have $200,000 for a mould then they couldn't help me. The crates had just come out in China and the middle size fit every grocery cart I could find perfectly. I made some design changes to improve how they were carried and stacked and I created the custom strap with extra hook for grocery carts.

Q: So should consumers "forget the bag"?
A: Yes and no! Yes, forget plastic and the cheap reusable bag! But also no: you should use sturdy, machine washable reusable bags like the Little Black CRESBI bag that can make your life easier with their high quality!

Q: What's wrong with the cheap reusable bags sold at grocery store checkouts?
A: The cheap reusable bags that grocery stores sell for almost nothing and the promotional ones that corporations give away as an act of being eco-friendly are going to be more of a problem than plastic bags! Most of these reusable bags are made out of nonwoven polypropylene, the same material that bottle caps are made of. Bottle caps are not supposed to be recycled with your normal #1 and #2 recyclables because they burn at a different temperature. So now you have a material that doesn't hold much, rips easily, can't be machine washed, and can't be recycled easily when you're ready to get rid of it. Where does it end up? The landfill. There are literally millions of them out there. Plus you're paying for it to carry as advertising for the grocery store THINKING that you're being "green"?? Don't fall for this sham!

Q: Why do CRESBI crates cost so much more than those cheap bags?
A: You're getting so much more that, if properly cared for, will last an extremely long time. The first crates I could get my hands on were from ebay, cost $20 for just one, with handles that made them difficult to stack, and they only came in black. With the CRESBI crate basic 2 Pack system you get 2 collapsible, reusable, stackable crates in your choice of 5 fun colors plus a custom matching strap (or fun strap) with high quality swivel snap hooks and an extra hook to clip the system onto your grocery cart for under $30.

Q: I dropped my crates and the sidewall broke, can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, but no, the crates are not guaranteed by damage that might occur if you drop them. Although they are tough, the posts that makes the walls swing into place are only made of plastic like the rest of the crate, that is why they are so lightweight and easy to use. You can still assemble your damaged crate permanently and use it for storage.

Q: Can I order different colors within my 2 Packs?
A: The website has some limitations at this point, if you want multiple colors in a 2 Pack, Cooler or Colossal the best thing to do is to call your order in at: 1.888.883.7259.

Q: The "B" and the "t" don't exactly line up in the slider on the straps for carrying them, why not?
A: The first logo's "B" (for Briefcase/Basket) and second logo's t (for wrapping Two) are guidelines, there may be some design tolerances or adjustments to tighten or loosen that you may prefer.


Q: Why does Sun Sugar Farms grow edamame?
A: We love it! And you can't get it fresh, most of the frozen edamame at the supermarkets comes from China. We want to provide wonderful fresh food to our community!

Q: Why don't more farmers grow edamame?
A: Cost. Soybeans offer a pretty good return for a farmer when all he has to do is let them dry and then swoosh them up. With edamame you pick it green, but you have to see which pods to pick since all of the pods are never ready at the same time. Edomame can't be pre-picked like tomatoes.


Q: What is the Sustainable Produce Container Low Profile Pint made of?
A:  The pint version is made from SBS paper board. SBSstands for Solid Bleached Sulfate, is the highest quality and most expensive paper board substrate but also the most readily available. It is produced from bleached virgin wood pulp. SBS can be used as moisture barrier in food packaging. It also allows a produce supplier to have high quality images and text printed on it, avoiding the need for a sticker.


Q: The Discount Code Box isn't accepting an input, what do I do?
A: The Safari browser has occasionally had this happen, at the discount screen hit the browser's Refresh button.

Q: Why is the name of the farm Sun Sugar Farms?
A: Sun Sugar cherry tomatoes are sweet, easy to eat, and good for you. In essence, they make life better. And that's been our life philosophy, to make the world a better place than when we found it. It's "Farms" instead of "Farm" because we carry products from other farms that also help you make a better life.

Q: What is the mission of Sun Sugar Farms?
“The mission at Sun Sugar Farms is to provide wholesome quality products, fairly priced, that will enrich the lives of our customers and our employees while showing respect for the earth and operating as sustainably as possible.. Our goal of outstanding customer service includes the sincere desire that the people who buy from us are not just clients, but our friends. At Sun Sugar Farms we hate to see anything wasted, whether it’s every day products, people’s futures, the environment, or even time. With the products and services our company offers we want to help others live smarter and healthier. This includes saving time and resources, and being able to enjoy the earth that we’ve been given. We support charities through with our talent, time and tithe like Big Brothers Big Big Sisters, the Neuterville Express, National Public Radio, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Focus on the Family, various church ministries, several food banks in our local area, and more. Our team collects over 40 pounds of coffee grounds and filters from Crossroads Church in Florence, KY each week to keep this great material from the landfill and to use as a soil amendment. We also pick up cardboard from businesses who were throwing it away and use it for weed control since it biodegrades by the end of the growing season. And we have videos on the Sun Sugar Farms youtube channel on repurposing reusable bags, another thing that often ends up in a landfill. In our business we desire to create a culture of mutual acceptance and respect regardless of race, age, sex or religion with our customers, associates, employees, and suppliers, while fostering successful teamwork, out of the box creativity and a passionate commitment to excellence. We believe that even the hardest moments endured may turn out to be blessings in the end and to whom much is given, much is expected. Sun Sugar Farms strives to live up to these goals and expectations on a daily basis in every product we create and every action that we take. Our vision is to reduce the amount of trash created by us that goes into a landfill to zero.