TMJ Disorder Relief Products

BE A PART OF THE STUDY NOW FOR FREE: We are currently conducting a study of our TrainMyJaw to determine how this device works for everyone and what the best dimensions for the device would be before we create the final die.  If you are willing to keep a record of changes in your pain levels and provide us feedback, we can send you an initial sample of the TrainMyJaw device for free. Please contact Linda at 888-883-7259 or email Linda @ symbol SunSugarFarms dot com to be a part of the study. 

If you decide to purchase the TrainMyJaw device, please be aware that it is a "beta" version and not under our normal company warranty until we are in full production. You may also want to consider purchasing these additional products to help ease your pain as you train your jaw not to clench:


CRESBI Hot/Cold Gel Pack
Non-toxic. Exterior: polyester Interior contents: 85% water, 10% glycerol, 5% sodium-carboxymeth..
Lavender Pillow Spray
Helps you sleep more restfully Studies have shown that patients exposed to lavender odor exp..
Willow Balm Topical Painkiller
Natural painkiller helps relieve TMJ soreness! Willow Balm is a natural, topical pain relief crea..
TrainMyJaw TMJ Disorder Kit
TrainMyJaw Kit helps relieve TMJ Disorder pain! Save money! The TrainMyJaw Kit includes: (1..