Nested CRESBIs


Set of 3 nested CRESBI collapsible crates

All three sizes!  Choose a Mini, a standard CRESBI and the Colossal CRESBI. Standard and Colossal crates include choice of strap style.  A black heavy duty thermal insert with hot/cold gel pack is also included for the standard size CRESBI and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST a lightweight thermal insert for the Colossal CRESBI.

Approximate dimensions:

Exterior collapsed: 12"x8"x1.75"
Exterior open: 12"x8"x6"
Interior open: 11"x7"x6"

Standard CRESBI (LxWxH)
Exterior collapsed: 15"x10"x1.75"
Exterior open: 15"x10"x7.5"
Interior open: 14"x9"x7.5"

Colossal CRESBI (LxWxH)
Exterior collapsed: 17.25"x12"x2"
Exterior open: 17.25"x12"x9.25"
Interior open: 16"x11"x9.25"

CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there because of all the value you get with the thermal insert and versatile made-in-America strap!