CRESBI Accessories for that added touch of sustainability!

Need an extra strap?  Maybe one more crate?  Or even a Thermal Insert for everyone of your Colossal 6 pack crates?  Maybe you seek something fun to match all the other great CRESBI stuff you have?  Here's some great  things that make CRESBI Crates even better! Also, here are the exact dimensions of the different crate sizes when open (LxWxH inches):
Mini CRESBI = 12x8x6.5
Standard CRESBI = 15.25x10x7.75
Colossal CRESBI: 17.5x12.5x9.5
Mega CRESBI = 18.75x13.75x9.75


Mini CRESBI Crate
Mini collapsible crate container for small storage The Mini or "Baby" CRESBI is the perfect way t..
CRESBI Shoulder Strap
Made-in-America Shoulder Strap Owner Linda Fritz created the shoulder strap to make it easy to ca..
CRESBI Convenience Strap
Custom product made in the U.S. If you've ordered a CRESBI multi-system, consider getting an extr..
CRESBI Colossal Convenience Strap
Female engineer designed The made-in-America CRESBI strap was created by a female engineer t..
Fun Fur CRESBI Strap Covers
What could be more fun - and functional!!! - than these Fun Fur Strap Covers to cover your CRESBI st..
CRESBI Dog Collar
Made in the USA Dog Collar This high quality polyester dog collar is made from 1" CRESBI web..
CRESBI Dog Leash
Made in the USA Dog Leash This 6' long high quality polyester dog leash pet product is made from ..
CRESBI Keychain
Custom Made in the USA Keychain It's the smooth 1" CRESBI strap webbing with your choice of key c..
CRESBI Lanyard
USA Made Lanyard It's the smooth 1" CRESBI strap webbing with your choice of connector and s..
CRESBI Lightweight Colossal Thermal Insert
Colossal Size Folding Cooler Bag SALE! This item is being discontinued! It was $6.95, now only $1..
CRESBI Thermal Insert Liner Bag
Thermal Insert Liner Bag for Ice The CRESBI Thermal Insert fits perfectly in either the standard ..
CRESBI Freezable Thermal Insert
Need to keep things cold longer than usual? Put this heavy-duty thermal insert into the freezer befo..
Collapsible Heavy Duty Cooler Bag - Made in the USA! The collapsible CRESBI Cooler can also be or..
Colossal CRESBI Black Bag only
A truly reusable shopping tote Already received your CRESBI Colossal 2 Pack but now don't wa..
CRESBI 3 Pack Bag (standard) ONLY
31 Gift Bag w/out the bells & whistles (unless you want the "bling"!) If you don't already ha..
CRESBI Colossal 3 Pack Bag ONLY
Tote Bag for Online Order or Colossal 3 Pack This tote measures 16" x 6" x 12" and is made of dur..
Basic Black Large Utility Tote If you don't already have an expensive high quality utility t..
CRESBI Crate Only
Collapsible Crate with Ventilated Sides Not just for groceries, CRESBI Crates are designed w..
CRESBI Recycling Bin
Collapsible Crate  for Easy Recycling - Special Price! Ever wish the recycling bin was right..
CRESBI Colossal Crate Only
Like a collapsible folding milk storage crate! Order an extra one for other uses!  Great for..
CRESBI Colossal Recycling Bin
Collapsible Crate for Easy Recycling & Organizing Ever wish the recycling bin was right next ..
CRESBI Mega Crate Only
It's a big lightweight collapsible milk crate! Great for bulky lightweight items or multiple..
CRESBI Drink Tumbler
Reusable Drink Cup helps you go green It's not collapsible but it is reusable! And even though it..
The perfect picnic basket cover Live in a rainy region or taking your covered dish to a potl..
CRESBI Hot/Cold Gel Pack
Non-toxic. Exterior: polyester Interior contents: 85% water, 10% glycerol, 5% sodium-carboxymeth..
Support a woman-owned business with this sexy eco-inspired shirt. Women's sizes of this 3/4 sleeve l..
CRESBI T-shirt
Support a Woman-Owned Business Show you're a "boxer and not a bagger" with this lime green CRESBI..
CRESBI Globe Stress Ball
Save the Earth Stress Ball Going green doesn't have to be stressful, especially with this 3 inch ..
CRESBI Packaging
Reusable Packaging Because 1/3 of what's in landfills is just packaging that people throw away we..
Female Engineer Design Designed specifically for the CRESBI strap, we love them so much we though..