CRESBI Lightweight Colossal Thermal Insert


Colossal Size Folding Cooler Bag SALE!

This item is being discontinued! It was $6.95, now only $1.25!

The CRESBI Thermal Insert fits perfectly in the Colossal CRESBI and is designed to be used as an insert vs a stand-alone cooler. Keeps foods cold or warm approximately 1 hour and in most cases, 2 hours depending on ambient temperatures. Zipper ensures that no air will leak out or in. Collapses down when not in use for easy storage and carrying. One CRESBI customer left her groceries in the car for 6 HOURS and found the cooler had still kept her stuff cold! Order an extra one! PLEASE NOTE: THESE INSERTS ARE NOT DESIGNED TO HOLD LOOSE ICE, JUST ICE PACKS. If you want to fill it with loose ice place a clean trash bag into it first. 

Materials:  Made of Nonwoven Polypropylene exterior, aluminum foil and Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam interior lining.
Care: Wipe clean with warm cloth. 

Additional Note: Please keep inside your CRESBI system. Nonwoven polypropylene material will degrade when exposed to long periods of DIRECT sunlight or water (2-3 months).