CRESBI Convenience Strap


12 or more $3.95

Custom product made in the U.S.

If you've ordered a CRESBI multi-system, consider getting an extra Convenience CRESBI strap or two. This made-in-America CRESBI strap was engineered to be versatile and tough. The webbing is created by the same manufacturer used by NASA and the US Armed Forces and the custom swivel hook allows you to attach it to different parts of the crate. Hook it in the white dots on top to carry over the shoulder, hook it into the big holes on each short end to carry like a basket. This is one of the defining components that sets patented CRESBI crates apart from any crates you may have seen on Amazon or QVC (although we have been on HSN!). Order two if you prefer even more stability when carrying!  

You can also custom order the CRESBI 1" strap with your logo on any color or pattern you choose, there is a 200 strap minimum and $100 setup charge minimum. All straps are created using a sublimation process that permeates the polyester webbing like a tattoo, creating an image that is amazingly clear and ridiculously long-lasting. Please call 1.888.883.7259 or email [email protected] for discount pricing or for customizing of the strap or click here:CUSTOMIZE STRAP

If you prefer the straight hook (no swivel) that attaches tightly to your crate ends and you don't plan to remove it often, please go to our Specials Page