CRESBI Lanyard


10 or more $6.95

USA Made Lanyard

It's the smooth 1" CRESBI strap webbing with your choice of connector and style. For the connector choose the traditional 1" keyring, a straight nonswivel snap hook, the CRESBI swivel snap hook, or the solid 1.75" CRESBI "O" ring. Pink, lime, red and dark green options will be the braided webbing while other color selections feature the smooth webbing, order 10 or more of these colors and get a discount!

Custom logo orders please note: You can mix and match styles but if you are just ordering keychains, lanyards, or dog leashes - and no other straps - there is a $75 to $250 setup fee for creating the webbing, depending on the number of colors in your logo. Please call for a quote: 888-883-7259.