Reusable Bag Headpiece, Necklace or Boa


Got a bunch of those soft reusable bags that advertisers gave you that are too flimsy to actually grocery shop with? Or you paid a couple bucks for one at the grocery and it already fell apart? Here's how to repurpose these promotional travesties into a colorful headband or lei necklace. Or buy them from us! The headpiece has a tie in the back ($10), the necklace ($15) and boa ($20) have the ends hidden. All profits go to charity on repurposed reusable bag items.


You will need: reusable bags, a ruler and scissors. You want to use at least 3 soft reusable bags of your desired colors.  (If you’ve got the shiny coated bags see our other videos on how to make placemats or smaller versions like hotpads and coasters.) 

Cut your bags into 1“ x 6“ pieces. You will need 100 pieces to make a headband, 150 for a lei necklace (depending on how big your head is) or 300+ for a nice long boa. You could do a solid color, or two colors of 50 pieces, or three colors of 33 pieces, etc.  Use the edge of a reusable bag to tie the pieces to.

Starting about 8" from the end, tie the first rectangle of your color sequence once and pull it tight. Then tie the next rectangle in your color scheme and continue. As you tie, twist the knots so they are not all facing the same direction. Repeat this process until you are out of pieces. Push the knots as close together as possible.

Once you’ve got all your pieces on, do a loose test tie and if the length and fit is good, trim the ends as long as you want them. Or if you don’t want it to fit tightly but to just sit on top of your head, tie your square knot of right over left, left over right and trim.

For a necklace keep tying 50 more knots and for a boa 150 more. When you are done tie it permanently with a square knot and trim the edge lengths to hide them.  You can also use bread twist ties to add bells or other trinkets to any of your new creations. Tie a knot at both ends around the last bow to keep the knots from coming off.