Reusable Bag Dog Pull Toy


2 or more $20.00
4 or more $18.75

We use those edging strips of reusable bags to make a durable dog pull toy! If you're feeling DIY make one of your own by watching the video:

To make a foot long dog pull toy you’ll need:

- the edges from about 5 reusable bags
- scissors
- clamps

Trim any excess material off of the edges, especially at the bag corners to straighten the strand out.
Cut 9 strands at least 30 inches long.
If some are short lengthen by adding more strand with a square knot.
Tie 3 of the strands into a loose knot.
Clamp them to something stationary and braid as tightly as you can.
When you get to the end clamp or tie the end to keep from unraveling.
Create two more braids just like this.
Loosen the top ends of your braids, twirl them together, and KNOT them into a VERY tight knot. 
Braid these 3 big braids very tightly.
When done braiding the 3 braids, unclamp or unknot those ends.
Twirl strands and pull it tight into another knot.
Trim all long pieces on either end.