Reusable Bag Hair Scrunchie


Got a bunch of those soft reusable bags that advertisers gave you that are too flimsy to actually grocery shop with? Or you paid a couple bucks for one at the grocery and it already fell apart? Here's how to repurpose these promotional travesties into a colorful hair scrunchie or make two for spirit bracelets. Or purchase from us the ones we've made, please put in your notes if  you want them to match if you order more than one!

You will need 4 things: a bag, elastic, a ruler and scissors. You want to use at least 1 soft reusable bag or more if you want different colors.  (If you’ve got the shiny coated bags see our other videos on how to make placemats or smaller versions like hotpads and coasters.) For your scrunchie you will also need 1 foot of stretchy 1/8” wide elastic.  You can find this at craft stores under the sewing “notions”.  And you’ll also need a ruler and sharp scissors to cut through the bag because these bags indeed are a plastic and not a fabric. A magic marker is also handy that matches your scrunchie color.

Cut your bags into 1“ x 6“ pieces. You will need 60 pieces to make a scrunchie. You could do a solid color of all 60, or two colors of 30 pieces, or three colors of 20 pieces, etc. Do the math. Math is fun.  Save the edges of the bag so you can use those to make the necklace or headpiece - or even a dog pull toy – see our other video for that.

Once you’ve got your color scheme laid out, measure a 12 inch piece of the elastic. If you can wait to cut it that would be best.

Starting about 1 inch from the end tie the first rectangle of your color sequence once and pull it tight. Then tie the next rectangle in your color scheme and continue. As you tie, twist the knots so they are not all facing the same direction. Repeat this process until you are out of pieces. Push the knots as close together as possible so they are in between where you started and the 12 inch mark. Pull the ends of the stretchy material, pushing the ties as close as possible, and tie a permanent square knot. Remember a square knot is right over left, left over right to make a knot that’s healthy and tight.

The scrunchie should then be able to stretch enough to loop your hair in it but also tight enough to stay in place. If it works for you, cut the ends of the elastic as short as possible to hide them. If there’s no white in your scrunchie color scheme, use a matching color marker to hide the knot.