CRESBI Mega 4 Pack & Bag


Gotta lotta stuff to carry?

Here's your answer! The CRESBI Mega 4 Pack & Bag is excellent for carrying your groceries home from bulk food discount clubs and for harvesting produce. This system includes the following:

- 4 Mega CRESBIs
- 1 Poly-canvas Carry Bag
- A CRESBI Colossal size Heavy Duty Freezable Thermal Insert with Hot/Cold Gel Pack that fits in the Mega with room to spare

A $130+ VALUE FOR JUST $99.95!

Why choose a CRESBI system for grocery containment?

• They save space by easily collapsing down into its rim.
• Save your products since it keeps your items contained and the crates can stack on top of each other.
• Save time if you put your items in your crate barcodes up as you shop, have checker use handheld scanner
• Includes a thermal insert to keep foods hot or cold.
• Helps you stay healthy by avoiding any unsanitory store baskets since you're bringing your own in, plus items don't touch the conveyor
• Holds a lot yet is small enough that it's hard to overload one to the point where you can't carry it.
• Crates are dishwasher-safe.
• Earth-friendly solution for craft services or catering, replace the 500 plastic bags one shopper gets in one year!
• Mega includes super strong side locks
• Dimensions open: 19"W x  14"D x  10"H ( 48.3 cm x  35.6 cm x  25.4 cm),
• Dimensions collapsed: 19"W x 14"D x 2" H ( 48.3 cm x  35.6 cm x 5.1 cm)
• Mega wall dimensions: 0.5"W (1.3 cm)
• Mega weight: 3 pounds (1.4 kg)
• Mega weight capacity: 50 pounds (22.7 kg)
• Mega capacity 48Q (45L or 12 gallons)
• Mege crate color: Lime