Colossal CRESBI 3 Pack & BAG


Online Grocery Shopping saves money with Reusable CRESBI Deposit Program 3 Pack

This system includes 3 Colossal Crates, 1 Colossal Strap, a 3 Pack Bag and Colossal Size Heavy Duty Thermal in black. If you are interested in a 3 Pack for online shopping programs as described below, please contact [email protected], 859-630-2694.

Attention grocery store owners and companies with online order systems! A CRESBI Mobile Deposit Program can help your bottom line in many ways:

• Save money on plastic bags
• Save associates' time since they only have to set one bin on their picking stand that will also be used for transport and don't have to struggle to keep plastic bags open
• Easily organize products in color-coded crates by ambient, refrigerated and frozen for storage

• Utilize downtime store hours to wash systems
• Use CRESBI accessories branded with your store's logo as incentives to get people to try a reusable deposit program
• Save associates' time if they are shopping then scanning products (see example video of faster than 23 items/minute at major grocery store:
• Increase customer satisfaction with a less wasteful containment solution that won't tip over in their vehicle
• Help cut down on the number of your single use grocery bags littering the USA
• Increase store exposure since customers will use the versatile CRESBI crates for other purposes

With the CRESBI Mobile Deposit Program you purchase a 3 Pack CRESBI system per participating customer at an attractive wholesale price (much lower than the sample price listed here) in the colors of your choice. Each system consists of 3 collapsible, stackable, reusable Colossal CRESBI crates, one for dry goods, one for frozen, and one for a mix of dry and/or cool items. The customer pays a deposit that's just under your cost for the crates so there is no risk to you.  The customers' deposit can be refunded to them should they ever opt out of the program so there is no cost to them. Thermal inserts, straps and carry bags are optional that the customer can order separately or can be used as incentives to customers in the program. The straps and carry bags can be customized with your store's name for a minimum purchase quantity (200 for the straps, 20 for the bags). The crates can be sanitized after each use onsite using your store's cleaning equipment or we can arrange a weekly pickup and delivery of the crates. Customers can purchase more systems on this website and be picked up at your store for a small percentage to you.

Please note: there is a minimum 3 system order for this online price since to test the idea you would need one system being packed, one system with the customer to swap, and one system being cleaned.

Single Colossal CRESBI Crate Specifications:

• Dimensions open: 17"W x 12"D x 10"H (43 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm),
• Dimensions collapsed: 17" W x 12"D x 2.5" H (43 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm)
• Weight: 2 pounds (0.9 kg)
• Weight limit: 20 pounds (9 kg)
• Capacity 33.8 Q (32 L)
• One crate can replace up to 8 plastic bags depending on what's purchased

This video contains information about the Colossal crates until we finish our Mobile Deposit Program video. Please call Linda at 859-630-2694 if you have any questions or email [email protected]