CRESBI Crate Only


Collapsible Crate with Ventilated Sides

Not just for groceries, CRESBI Crates are designed with vented sides making them great for picking produce in the garden. They make it simple to organize and stack all your props for a stage play or toys for the playroom. Because they're easy to keep clean and they collapse down, they also make a convenient paper recycling receptacle in your office or mini-recycling bin in your pantry. Even ESPN Sports Channel's video library ordered some for employees who need to check out video tapes. Guaranteed to hold up to 20 pounds when properly assembled, made of durable polypropylene. For compact storage they fold into their rim when not in use. Approximately; 15"W x 10"D x 8"H (380 x 250 x 200 mm). 

Interested in 10 or more CRESBI crates for your home or business? Please contact [email protected] (859-630-2694) for volume pricing!

"The CRESBIs are working extremely well for us. The production assistants seem to be using all of them and they are holding up with the tapes quite nicely. They’ve really helped open up some space at our desks and keep the clutter to a minimum. Thanks for your help!"
Kevin C/ESPN Video Library
Bristol, CT