Discounted Collapsible Storage Crates

Love CRESBI Crates and want to sell them to others? We are all for that!

We've created the Great Crate Rep Kit so you can show and share the full line of CRESBI systems as our representative! You won't get rich but your life will be richer knowing you've influenced others to live more sustainably! Images show the various systems you can demo. It's a $195+ value for under $100! If you never sell a single crate it's quite the deal with everything you get anyway! And if you do manage to take an order or two you receive a percent of the sale and your buyer gets a percent off when they use your code to order. Plus, unlike multi-level marketing schemes that push you to have awkward parties and bug all your facebook friends, having a CRESBI Crate System is a party! You can sell or not sell, we're just happy that one more person knows about them. Order a kit today and then if you're interested let us know! We'll email you the contract that outlines your prices and percentages for different sales and that you're an independent contractor responsible for your own expenses. Besides 1 set of printed promotional materials - basically a single master copy, we prefer digital as much as possible - here's what you get (exact colors and strap styles may vary depending on availability):

1 CRESBI on Wheels (Lime) $24.95
1 Mini Crate (Pink)   $7.95
1 Convenience CRESBI (Blue/fun strap) with Insert $14.95
1 Colossal Convenience CRESBI (Orange w/Black) no thermal insert $19.95
1 Heavy Duty Canvas Cooler (Blue only) $14.95
1 2 Pack & Bag with Shoulder Strap (Dark Green) & Thermal Insert (Purple, Lime) $34.95
1 3N1 Special (Red, Light Red, Orange w/branded strap) $34.95
1 Heavy Duty Freezable Insert with Hot/Cold Gel Pack   $9.95
1 CRESBI 3N1 Special Canvas Bag (4N1 bag is same material and construction)   $9.95
1 CRESBI Cover Standard size   $3.95
1 Eco Takeout Container (2 or 3 compartment Standard,Low, or Flat in Clear or Jade)    $7.95
1 Bunch Bags Tri-Pack   $5.95
1 CRESBI Keychain (style and color varies)   $4.95
14 Total CRESBI items with a value of almost $200 for only $99.95!!! $195.35

No substitutions: kits are pre-made based on availability so if you want a different color strap, crate, etc you'll have to order it separately unless we can accomodate.