CRESBI Cooler 6 Pack


Collapsible Crate Combo 6 Pack with Made-in-the-USA Cooler

It's the CRESBI Cooler 5 Pack with one more crate! And this heavy duty cooler is MADE IN AMERICA! It's also designed to be big enough that you can not only open a crate inside the cooler but add one of the CRESBI crates collapsed to act as a lid - a unique collapsible "hard-sided" cooler!

Keep your casserole hot on the trip to Grandma's house without worrying about it sliding off the car seat! Run errands AFTER grocery shopping and be sure the frozen stuff stays frozen! Get through the checkout faster even with a ton of stuff! The CRESBI Cooler 6 Pack is your eco-friendly answer on how to get rid of all those pesky plastic grocery bags in your life!

The CRESBI Family 6 Pack & Cooler makes it easy to carry 6 CRESBIs at once over your shoulder into the grocery store. You can then shorten the strap and hang it right on your grocery cart. Or open your crates and stack them inside the cart. Put your items in with the barcodes up and if the checker has a hand-held scanner have them scan all your products right in the crates! CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there because of all the value you get with the thermal insert and made-in-America customizable strap!

The cooler is made of durable polyester canvas with thick insulating material with 2 zippers plus a front pocket for coupons, a shopping list or the hot/cold gel pack that comes with it. Clean it by wiping it with soap and water. The crates are dishwasher safe. What other cooler can you carry to a picnic and look good grocery shopping with it, too? Cooler comes in blue, includes one adjustable CRESBI strap.

The CRESBI Cooler 6 Pack includes the following:

- A Heavy Duty Made-in-America Cooler that holds 6 standard CRESBIs collapsed, one crate opened and has a front pocket with hot/cold gel pack.
- 6 standard size CRESBIs collapsed inside the Heavy Duty Cooler
- An adjustable CRESBI shoulder strap
- A matching short strap for one of the crates
- A black collapsible freezable heavy duty thermal insert that fits inside one of the standard crates with hot/cold gel pack*


Why choose a CRESBI system for grocery containment?

• A collapsible crate system available with American content!
• The crates save space by easily collapsing down into their rims.
• Save your products since it keeps your items contained and the crates can stack on top of each other.
• Save time if you put your items in your crate barcodes up as you shop, have checker use handheld scanner
• Cooler with CRESBI open inside it keeps foods hot or cold, use a 2nd CRESBI as a lid.
• Helps you stay healthy by avoiding any unsanitory store baskets since you're bringing your own in - plus items don't touch the conveyor!
• Is an earth-friendly solution for groceries since each crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags.
• Holds a lot yet is small enough that it's hard to overload one to the point where you can't carry it.
• Crates are dishwasher-safe.
• Includes durable adjustable shoulder strap that can be removed and attached as a basket (short straps are also available to order).
• Strap can be customized with your family or company name (minimum 20 unit order)
• Dimensions open Standard CRESBI: 15"W x 10"D x 8"H (38 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm)
• Dimensions collapsed Standard CRESBI: 15" W x 10"D x 1.75" H (38 cm x 25 cm x 4 cm)
• Weight of single Standard CRESBI: 1 pound (0.5 kg)
• Total weight of Cooler 6 Pack: 8 pounds (3.6 kg)
• Dimensions of the Cooler 6 Pack Full: 15.5"W x 11.5"Dx 8.5"H
• Weight limit Standard CRESBI: 20 pounds (9 kg)
• Capacity Standard CRESBI 16.9Q (16 L)

PLEASE NOTE: We are now shipping the CRESBI Adjustable Shoulder Strap without the extra hook to avoid waste since most people like to shop with the crates open.