Mini CRESBI Bottle Divider


Wine Bottle Divider hand-crafted in the USA 


Keep your fancy adult beverages from clinking or rolling around your car's floor.  The Mini CRESBI crate's Glass Bottle Divider inserts easily into the crate and provides a cushion for up to 6 bottles from each other as they sit in the crate.  Can be adjusted depending on bottle sizes.  We recommend balancing bottles on either sides and carrying it from the bottom and not the sides of the crate - some things are just too good to risk dropping. Approximately 12" x 8" x 6", folds sort of flat for storage.  Spot clean for multiple trips to the party store.

The bottle divider is available in black only but custom and sports fabric is available for an upcharge, please call Linda at 859-630-2694 for details or see what we have in stock already made. Made in the USA. Includes your choice of the Mini CRESBI Crate to go with it!