About Us (old)

About Us

Owner Linda Fritz hates waste. Waste of products, waste of people, waste of time. That's why she came up with the CRESBI crate system to save everyone in America's time and groceries.  Linda Fritz is the 100% owner of Sun Sugar Farms, LLC and creator of the unique CRESBI® ​crate system. After putting herself through Pennsylvania State University and graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Fritz worked 10 years in the automotive industry before starting her own video production company. Specializing in business-to-business marketing, Fritz continues to run her advertising company while marketing CRESBI® crates, other great reusable products, repurposing reusable bags and growing edamame. CRESBI crates were introduced to the market in November of 2012; Sun Sugar Farms was WBENC certified in September 2013.She has also long supported or has been a volunteer in charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters, Neuterville Express, National Public Radio, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Focus on the Family, various church ministries, and several food banks in Northern Kentucky. Click here for more background: Linda


Website Guru
What a genius this kid is! A junior in Computer Science at the University of Kentucky, Mike O can take the ideas Linda comes up with and not only make them work but make them work seamlessly. Any of the "cool" things about the website or how it happens are all thanks to Mike!  Mike's favorite CRESBI crate color is blue, of course!

Manufacturing Team
Talented seamstress Maristhel "Ethel" & her husband Irv take on assembling the straps, the bags, the bottle dividers and anything else Linda comes up with. It was such a blessing to find her and they are both awesome people to work with. Ethel's favorite CRESBI crate color? Red!


Media Staff
Josh L and Sharon R make up the heart of the media team with assistance from many other helpful rising stars. Josh shoots, edits and tries to figure out what Linda wants while Sharon manages all the stuff that Linda forgets or has run out of time to do.

Public Relations Marketing
Interested in being a Marketing Representative for CRESBI crates? We've created the Great Crate Rep Kit so you can show and share the full line of CRESBI systems as our representative! It's a $167 value for only $99.95! Even if you never sell a single crate it's quite the deal with everything you get anyway! And if you do manage to take an order or two you receive 30% of the sale and we'll take care of the tax (buyer pays for shipping, when you put all the orders together those orders over $115 get free shipping!). Plus, unlike multi-level marketing schemes that push you to have awkward parties, having a CRESBI Crate System is a party! You can sell or not sell, we're just happy that one more person knows about them. Order a kit today and we'll email you the contract so you can help us help the world know how to "pop" and "shop"! Contact [email protected] or call her at: 1.888.883.7259.

Design Consultants
Cindy A and Melissa S come by their flair for color and design skills through real world experience - boy, do they know how to shop and shop they do! So many people have given their inputs but only a few have given their time and talent like these friends have. What's their favorite CRESBI product? The CRESBI awesome designer handbags naturally - coming soon!

Farm Crew
When it comes to the farm and outdoor jobs it's good to know there are still teenagers who want to work and who work hard! Jake M, Ricardo C, and Emilie W are just a few of the great helpers Sun Sugar Farms employs on a part-time basis. Combined with some awesome adults who help out with the edamame harvest (over 400 pounds in 2013 and you know who you are!), these guys make it happen.

Pest Control
Beagle mix "Suzie" and her sidekick "Buddy" handle all small rodent pest control when it comes to the edamame. The elusive cat "KC" also takes down a few of her own moles and mice but won't associate with the other two long enough for us to get a picture of her. A

icture of her. And although Linda's husband thinks the pets are all a "piece of work", they bring a lot of peace to her crazy life.