Granola To Go Mega Gift Set


Our special "Granola Gift Crate" consists of 10 of your favorite flavor plus 5 different other flavors to taste test for just $79.95. Add a CRESBI Convenience Crate that they fit perfectly into for just $10 more! For example, if you choose the Pecan flavor above, you'll get ten (10) Pecan Granola To Go with the five (5) taste-testing flavors of Golden Raisin, White Chocolate, Smoked Salt, Almond, Dark Chocolate, Macadamia Nut or Pecan Plus (let us know your 5 choices or we'll pick). We're also open to ideas if you want to make a suggestion in your order notes of a flavor you might like substituted - that's how we came up with Pecan FREE (no pecans for those with nut allergies)!

Our great granola to-go is made fresh to your order from the best stuff we can find like pure Pennsylvania maple syrup, tender Kentucky pecans, and giant flakes of tropical coconut. Our "Forget the Spoon" container the granola comes in is great for people on the go: just unscrew the top and tip it into your mouth, no mess! Rinse out the container and recycle or reuse it. Purchase your granola in quantity and reuse your container.