Carry Out CRESBI Survey

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How concerned are you about the environment locally and globally?

How much of the trash that you and your family generate which can be recycled gets recycled?

Should shoppers be required to bring their own bags (or crates!) to the grocery like in many cities where plastic bags are banned?

About how often do you get carryout?

What do you do with the carryout containers (hard plastic, styrofoam, paper bag, etc)?

How concerned are you about reducing what goes into landfills?

How concerned are you about saving money?

Refer to image below. What if you could get your carryout food in a crate of dishwasher-safe containers that you just rinse and then trade in when you go back for another carry out? 
The restaurant would then sterilize this Carryout Kit for the next user. How likely would you participate in that type of "rental" program?

What would be a reasonable deposit fee for this service where you get your deposit back if you wanted to stop participating in the echange program, or you lose the deposit if you forget to bring back or misplace your carryout kit?

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