Eco-Takeout 3 Compartment Container EC-09


Reusable styrofoam alternative to-go box

The 3-compartment Eco-Takeout clamshell containers are an awesome alternative to disposable styrofoam and clear plastic #6 PS Polystyrene single use takeout containers like they have at the Kroger salad bars. Plus they save cafeteria managers tens of thousands of dollars! Places currently using Eco Takouts include Yahoo, Google, Campbell's Soup, Pixar Studios, Liberty Mutual, numerous hospitals, manufacturing plants, and universities (media: University of Vermont, University of South Florida, Northern Kentucky University, Xavier University has been saving $30k/year since 2009). Watch the video here to see how a deli is using the To Go boxes to save money on the plastic they buy AND to keep plastic out of landfills!

• Perfect for cafeterias, caterers, colleges, hotel room service, conventions, "brown bag" luncheon events, any commercial foodservice organization
• Commercial dishwasher (clean them just like dishware) and microwave safe!
BPA-free, NSF listed
• Space-efficient containers stack without caving in and nest when stored.
• Recyclable #5 polypropylene plastic construction
• Break and stain-resistant
• Personalize the top with your company logo and enhance your branding!
• Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 3-1/2" (3) compartment
• Jade or clear (specify in your order notes which you want)
• Other sizes available for quantity orders of 24 or more!
• Advanced secure closure mechanism on newer models prevents breakage and spills (EC-09)
• Customize with your logo for only $0.75 more per container plus $165 setup fee.
• Weight 7 oz.

Call us for a quote and then calculate your savings here: ROI, discounts for quantities of 12 or more!

Users check out the containers for a small deposit, consume their food outside the cafeteria and rinse the box, then return the box to be washed and sanitized on their next visit. If they don't get a to go box they can be given a token or credited the deposit to their account. Watch the Xavier video link for more details!