USA Made Produce Bag


5 or more $2.85
10 or more $2.70

No More Plastic Produce Bags!

USA Made Mesh Produce Bags are eco-friendly, reusable produce bags so you can say "no!" to plastic produce bags. Plus they're one of the few bags we recommend! They're durable, lightweight, and easy to wash in cold water in the washer and then hang to dry. The opening is extra wide and the strong drawstring is colorful and easy to find to pull tight. You can use them for picking out your fruits and vegetables at the grocery and when you get home you can rinse your produce right in the bag. Convenience AND saving the environment, all in one pretty white bag!

One medium bag is $3.50, the large is $4.50. Exact style may vary. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Medium = 13" wide opening
Large = 15" wide opening