CRESBI Drink Tumbler


Reusable Drink Cup helps you go green

It's not collapsible but it is reusable! And even though it looks like a to-go cup with its straw, screw-on lid and ability to hold 24 ounces it's WAY BETTER! Take this acrylic tumbler with rubber grip into gas stations, fast food restaurants, and movie theatres! If the business has a similar size drink that they offer, most places are happy to let you fill this instead! Just ask them if you can use your own drink cup and if they give a discount for it? Saves them money and saves you the plastic cups that get all soggy in your car and end up in landfills. Sometimes they'll even let you fill it for free if you've already bought gas or other items! The straw is a great way to mix the thicker drinks like milkshakes and smoothies and the attractive swirl design rubber grip in the center keeps moisture off your hands. Yeah, you can get similar ones in big chain stores but where else can you get one that says "I care about the environment - see!" than here with the CRESBI logo on it? Available in blue, dark green, orange, pink, purple, and red.

BPA Free!