Fresh Edamame - Wholesale

This product has a minimum quantity of 10

For wholesale orders we can deliver locally in the Northern Kentucky/Lexington/Greater Cincinnati area in 1 pound plastic clamshells that a grocer might prefer or save $0.25 and have it delivered in bulk in our returnable CRESBI crate containers. Minimum order is 10 pounds. The clamshells are made of 70% recycled PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and when you're done with them if your recycling center won't take them Whole Foods will. Here are some of the reasons why our product sells for a premium:

- non GMO seed
- chemical-free weed control
- sustainable soil techniques (crop rotation, soil solarization, winter wheat)
- hand-picked
- sold in 1 pound containers to avoid the waste of smaller packaging
- professional videos on how we grow it and how to prepare or freeze it
- grown in Verona, KY
- delvered fresh direct to your store, no middleman, no downtime at a warehouse, boxes to downcycle