ECO-Takeout Single Entree Food Container EC-08


Go green - forget styrofoam

G.E.T reusable Eco-Takeouts containers are a financially-savvy, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable Styrofoam takeout containers! Perfect for cafeterias, caterers, colleges, hotel room service and conventions, and "brown bag" luncheon events, these space-efficient containers are conveniently stackable and dishwasher and microwave safe.

• 4.75" x 4.75" x 3.25”
• Jade or clear
• 100% BPA Free
• Commercial Dishwasher Safe
• NSF Certified
• Highly Durable, Break Resistant Polypropylene PP
• Microwave Safe for Re-Heating
• Leak-Resistant Design
• Stackable
• Reusable & Recyclable (#5)
• Advanced secure closure mechanism on newer models prevents breakage and spills
• Customize the lid with your logo for only $0.75 more per container plus $165 setup fee.

Users check out the containers for a small deposit, consume their food in or outside the cafeteria, rinse the box, then return it to be washed and sanitized on their next visit or dropped off in a designated area. If they don't get a to-go box they can be given a token or credited the deposit to their account. Watch the video to see how a deli is using the Eco-Takeouts to save money on plastic and keep it out of landfills or click here for ideas of different exchange options: EXCHANGE PROGRAMS

Places currently using Eco Takouts include Yahoo, Google, Campbell's Soup, Pixar Studios, Liberty Mutual, numerous hospitals, manufacturing plants, and universities (media: University of Vermont, University of South Florida, Northern Kentucky University and Xavier University saved $20k in the first year alone so it should work for you! Click here to determine your possible return on investment: ROI CALCULATOR