1.5 Pint Sustainable Biodegradable Recyclable Paper Folding Produce Container Berries REVERSIBLE (500/case)


2 or more $140.00
3 or more $130.00
4 or more $125.00

Sustainable produce package 1.5 Pint for cherry tomatoes, berries - REVERSIBLE available March 2022

TO ORDER: These are packed 500 TO A CASE.  Order "1" for 500 containers, "2" for 1000, etc.

Our "Kliklok" 1.5 Pint can be hand or machine formed and comes in a reversible white/brown high wet strength paperboard material. One side is a Kraft brown while the other side is a high moisture barrier clay-coated white. The brown side can be stamped while the white side is typically used for 4 color graphic printing. Contact us if you have volumes of at least 16,200 (1 pallet) and are interested in full-color printing.

1 case = 500
 for $145/case or $0.29/container (36 pounds)
2 cases = 1000 for $140/case or $0.28/container (72 pounds)
3 cases = 1500 for $130/case or $0.26/container (108 pounds)
4 cases = 2000 for $125/case or $0.25/container (144 pounds)

See an example of custom printing: BEST BERRIES EVER 

CALL 859-630-2694 for high volume pricing or best shipping costs or email [email protected]!

Replace plastic hinged clamshells with this sustainable, recyclable, compostable produce box made from brown Kraftpak paperboard and high wet strength for your cherry tomato, campari tomatos, kiwi, figs, mushrooms, and strawberries. This 1.5 Pintsize holds approximately 14 ounces of strawberries.

Sustainable Produce Container SPECIFICATIONS

  • Shipped flat (unassembled) in stacks of 500
  • Case of 500 dimensions:14.25”L x 13W” x 11”H, 36 pounds
  • Exterior dimensions assembled: 6.625”L x 4.125”W x 2.375”H
  • Interior dimensions assembled: 6.375”L x 4”W x 2.25”H
  • Single container weight: 1.1 oz
  • Approximate area on the top of the box for label or stamp: 4" x 2.5"
  • Approximate area on the overlapping lid of the box for label or stamp: 6" x .75"
  • Sample pack available in December: SAMPLES 
  • Larger quantities or for a pallet of 18,000 (36 cases/pallet = 4 rows of 9 cases)
  • Please call or email [email protected] or 888-883-7259 for higher volume pricing and shipping

Sustainable Produce Container FEATURES

  • Professional-looking vented container 
  • Alternative to plastic clamshells that most recycling centers will not take 
  • 1.5 Pint SPC holds cherry tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi, quava, taramind pods, mushrooms, handmade soaps, mushrooms, microgreens, mulberries
  • Closing options of quick top lid tuck or anchor lock into slot for a more secure seal
  • Earth-themed cut out vents allow good visibility from all sides (sun, rain, plants/flowers, moon, heavens, wind, soil)
  • Can also be one color printed in quantities of 18,000 (one pallet) or more
  • Made from .20 CUK stock, biodegradable and recyclable
  • Rigid enough to stack multiple containers 
  • Vents allow airflow, minimize condensation 
  • Holds up well during temperature transitions from field to refrigerator
  • Hinged lid has anchor lock on front 
  • Room on top side for a sticker up to 3”x4” in size
  • Also nice for gift boxes for handmade soaps
  • Takes up less space when shipped or stored
  • Compostable, recyclable, easily biodegradable
  • Patent-pending US 62/710,915
  • Quick hand assembly and can be machine-formed
  • 1 color printing on the container is available for 1 pallet minimum plus $400 print plate fee per color

Sustainable Produce Container BENEFITS

  • Less waste
  • Happier customers
  • A better world

To order a custom pre-inked rubber stamp go to this company: CUSTOM STAMP

They have good prices and fast turnaround on pre-inked custom stamps. Use coupon code SPRING (or whatever season) for 10% off of their website. The stamp can last up to 50,000 stamps before needing refill. For this size stamp it usually takes 10 drops per hole when you need to refill: https://youtu.be/iqkLTMTrzLE
Email us if you would like our Photoshop file template: [email protected]

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How to assemble Sustainable Produce Containers:

Why Sustainable Produce Containers:

* We are committed to replacing plastic! As our volumes go up, our prices will go down. That first million piece order will be good news for all of our growers!