Reusable Stretch Lid Bowl Covers 8 Pack



This set of 8 reusable silicone lids will free you from buying cling wrap yet still keep your food fresh!  Clear provides the best view of your leftovers so you don't forget what's there and waste food! The fact that you get EIGHT lids and the easy way to hang them makes this set unique!

• Cover cooked foods, fruits, salads, seasonings, and cups of coffee, tea, juice, etc
• BPA-free
• Refrigerator and freezer safe
• Dishwasher-safe
• Microwave-safe
• Clear color
• Set of 8 sizes to fit most bowls, plates, containers, cups, bottles, cans, jars, even big mixing bowls!
• Fits round, square or rectangle shaped dishes 
• Covers fruits, vegetables, pet food cans, liquids
• Works on glass, metal or rigid plastic containers
• Variety of sizes (2.76", 3.94", 4.73", 5.71", 6.65", 7.68", 9.45", 11") =
   (7 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm, 15 cm, 17 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, 28 cm)
• If lid is stretched tight it provides a leakproof seal
• No slip grip jar opener
• Hole in one tab of the lid for hanging so can thoroughly dry

This set is the best since it has more lids than others and has a hook hole for hanging them to dry!