Carryout CRESBI with Eco-Takeouts


Eco Carry Out with Reusable To Go Boxes

Attention Restaurant Owners & Cafeteria Managers! Stop wasting money on non-recyclable polystyrene (styrofoam) carryout containers or costly plastic ones and GO GREEN! Implement an EXCHANGE program with your regular carryout customers. Use our Carryout CRESBI crates (15"W x 10"D x 8"H crate with strap)with a customized set of dishwasher-safe to-go containers that meet the carryout needs of your customers. Your volume discount pricing offers your customers an attractive price to opt into the program, purchase more if they forget to bring theirs back or return their system to opt out. Plus you can get your name on the CRESBI crate strap and to-go boxes for additional brand name awareness!

For this sample Carryout CRESBI we'll send you an assortment of:

- 2 soup/dip containers
- 2 burger/bread containers
- 2 tri-compartment/salad containers (EC09+EC12)


If you would like a mix of clear and jade color please choose one color but specify in your notes that you'll take both.

The University of South Florida has used the Eco-Takeouts for over a year now, saving a quarter of a million styrofoam containers a year (1/3 of their garbage) and thousands of dollars. Although there is the expense of washing the containers, they will last for up to 3000 wash cycles and pay for themselves after 8-10 uses. In the Cincinnati area, Xavier University saves $30,000 on styrofoam each year since implementing the program in 2009!

Think your customers MIGHT be interested? Why not ask them to find out for sure! Over 6,000 students participated in the USF program in 2010 (Read more: THEY DO REMEMBER). Use our survey here and we'll email you the responses: GREEN SURVEY.

CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there because of all the value you get with the thermal insert and made-in-America customizable strap!

You can also offer small incentives like STARBUCKS is doing. But as with all behavior modification type programs - it usually succeeds when you offer the right incentives or corrections!

Call soon to discuss details of the carryout rental program.

A thermal insulator is not included with this system since the Eco-Takeouts keep food hotter longer than styrofoam.