Sustainable Produce Container Folding Fixture Low Profile Pint Kraft


Fold Your Low Profile Pint Kraft Produce Containers Faster!

This Folding Fixture will allow slower workers to fold the Kraftpak Low Profile Pint Sustainable Produce Container much faster. Example: Our average employee assembles ~180 Quarts/hour without the folding fixture. With the fixture that number increases to ~250/hour. Since the Low Profile Pints have less paper to move around, our faster employees work from a stack of them, crease the side walls first and then just fold in the support walls. They can fold about 200/hour that way. The fixture does help hold the carton in place for our less dexterous employees so they can keep up when folding the pints.

- 3 pounds
- Dimensions closed: 14”L x 10”W x 4”H
- Dimensions open:  24"L x 10"W x 2" H
- Folds both Low Profile Pint and Quart sizes, simply slide the size adjuster slider
- Can be used facing away or towards the person doing the folding.
- Made of Baltic Birchwood

- Place Fixture on its base on a solid table or work station.
- Lift the handle and open the Fixture all the way.
- For the quart, loosen the thumbnut to slide the Size Adjuster Slider to the edge of the base; for the pint, slide it to the other end of it's track toward the hinges.
- Tighten the thumbnut.
- Lay the Sustainable Produce Container (SPC) with it's outside facing down onto the fixture.
- Fit the SPC's lid under Size Adjuster Slider lip.
- With one hand hold the SPC in place at the hinge area, with the other lift the handle and fold the Fixture.
- Pull your hand out as you finish the fold.
- Open the folding side up and stop when perpendicular to the base.
- Drop the handle into the slot on the base.
- Lift the bottom box panels around the wedges and set them between the wedges.
- Carefully push the inner support walls forward and down so they are square with the outer side walls.
- Wrap your fingers around the inner side walls and squeeze.
- Lift the box out from the folder, making sure the side wall tabs are pushed in their slots as you remove the box.

PLEASE NOTE: You can also leave the handle in the slot and after sliding the SPC lid tab into place, push the hinge crease into the fixture. Then fold the inner support walls, outer side walls over them and pop it out!

Thanks to James Powell Woodworking for helping take the Folder concept to completion and for his son Ian putting them all together.