Colossal Convenience CRESBI Wholesale

This product has a minimum quantity of 200

Better than a Reusable Grocery Bag


If your grocery store would like to REALLY be green here's the answer!

Save time! Save space! Save the environment! Avoid the store's yucky convenience basket! CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there because of all the value you get with the thermal insert and made-in-America customizable strap! You can also use it as an essential cargo hauler that will help organize your trunk and won't flop over of have the handles rip off! These are tough! With the Convenience CRESBI crate you get a collapsible, stackable reusable "box" with carrying strap that's better than any easy store basket that:

• Saves time since you can shop, put items in your crate with the barcodes up, checker scans without removing!
• Carry props, makeup, and more because it holds so much yet is small enough that it's hard to overload one.
• Earth-friendly solution for craft services or catering since each crate can replace up to 7 plastic bags!
• Saves space by easily collapsing down into its rim.
• Durable strap can be removed if needed.
• Both strap and crate are dishwasher safe.
• Dimensions open: 17"W x 12"D x 10"H (43 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm),
• Dimensions collapsed: 17" W x 12"D x 2.5" H (43 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm)
• Weight: 2 pound (0.9 kg)
• Weight limit: 20 pounds (9 kg)
• Capacity 33.8 Q (32 L)

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PLEASE NOTE: Some photos of the Convenience CRESBI are shown with the NONswivel snaphook, it ships with the CRESBI Swivel hook strap that can easily be removed and attached on the top rim of the crate.