A car trunk organizer you can shop with!

If you already have a website but don't want to carry inventory become one of our affiliates like SkinnyMOM did! Just place one of our products on your website with a code we'll send you and when a visitor clicks from your site to buy the product they're directed to our site. Anything they buy for at least the next week means a commission into your bank account! Just for putting us on your site! If you know you would have at least 20 orders from company employees or customers consider a custom strap with YOUR name on it! Please contact Linda at to discuss.

Available here is our affiliate's SkinnyMom Signature Convenience CRESBI with fun Pink Polka Dot SkinnyMom strap! Convenience CRESBIs are good for the environment because they replace up to 6 plastic bags. They're also more "green" than most reusable bags since those bags fall apart so easily and virtually no place will recycle them. CRESBI systems are the most clever crate out there because of all the value you get with the thermal insert and made-in-America customizable strap! A Convenience CRESBI crate also:

• Saves space by easily collapsing down into its rim.
• Saves your products since it keeps your items contained and the crates can stack on top of each other.
• Saves you time because you can shop with them open, put your items in your crate with the barcodes up and have thevchecker scan all of it without removing anything.
• Includes a thermal insert to keep foods hot or cold.
• Helps you stay healthy by avoiding any unsanitory store baskets since you're bringing your own in.
• Is an earth-friendly solution for groceries since each crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags.
• Holds a lot yet is small enough that it's hard to overload one to the point where you can't carry it
• Can be thrown in the dishwasher to get it super clean.
• Comes with a durable strap can be removed if needed.
• The standard Convenience CRESBI (15"W x 10"D x 8"H) with cooler insert weighs just over a pound, rated to hold up to 20 pounds.
• Available standard size crate colors are blue, green, lime, pink and red; the Colossal CRESBI comes in red or blue.
• The SkinnyMom signature strap is also available in a keychain, lanyard, dog leash, bigger crate systems, etc. Just go to that item and choose the SkinnyMom strap!