ECO-Takeout Half Size Flat Top EC-18 NEW!


Space-saving styrofoam alternative - NEW!

GET reusable Eco-Takeouts containers are a financially-savvy, environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable Styrofoam takeout containers! Perfect for cafeterias, caterers, colleges, hotel room service and conventions, and "brown bag" luncheon events, these space-efficient containers are conveniently stackable and dishwasher and microwave safe.

This container is great for retirement community residents, enabling them to easily transport meals to their rooms and refrigerate or heat them there. Reduce waste from standard disposable takeout containers and improve your establishment's sustainability efforts with this flat top container! Withstands up to 1000 uses!

• 9" x 6.5" x 2”
• Jade only
• 100% BPA Free
• Commercial Dishwasher Safe
• NSF Certified
• Highly Durable, Break Resistant Polypropylene PP
• Microwave Safe for Re-Heating
• Leak-Resistant Design
• Stackable
• Reusable & Recyclable (#5)
• Advanced secure closure mechanism on newer models prevents breakage and spills
• Customize the lid with your logo for only $0.75 more per container plus $165 setup fee
• Discounts for orders over 12 - please call 888-883-7259

Users check out the containers for a small deposit, consume their food in or outside the cafeteria, rinse the box, then return it to be washed and sanitized on their next visit or dropped off in a designated area. If they don't get a to-go box they can be given a token or credited the deposit to their account. Watch the video to see how a deli is using the Eco-Takeouts to save money on plastic and keep it out of landfills or click here for ideas of different exchange options: EXCHANGE PROGRAMS

Places currently using Eco Takouts include Yahoo, Google, Campbell's Soup, Pixar Studios, Liberty Mutual, numerous hospitals, manufacturing plants, and universities (media: University of Vermont, University of South Florida, Northern Kentucky University and Xavier University saved $20k in the first year alone so it should work for you! Click here to determine your possible return on investment: ROI CALCULATOR