CRESBI Crate Systems perfect for Kroger Scan Bag Go

If you live in the Cincinnati area you may have heard that Kroger expanded its “Scan Bag Go” program to 15 stores. The option allows you to grab a scanner at the kiosk in the front of the store (or download the app to your phone), scan your items yourself, and “bag” them into your cart as you go through the store. When you get to the checkout you just pay the amount on the scanner or app and you’re all done! Of course they have free plastic bags and cheap reusable ones for sale but this program is PERFECT with a CRESBI Crate system! Why? Because CRESBIs...

  • PROTECT PRODUCTS: The first lanes that Kroger directs you through are either produce or baked goods, the things you DON’T want squished on the bottom. A CRESBI crate system creates stacks of sturdy partitions within your cart.
  • MEAN LESS INVASIVE AUDITS: Managers randomly audit customers to prevent theft. CRESBI crates make it easy to see what you’ve purchased without rifling through a bunch of bags. Plus since you can easily see what’s in your cart, you’re less likely to miss scanning something.
  • HOLD A LOT: Even thought they look small, depending on what you're buying, 1 crate can replace 6 bags. Their size also prevents you from putting so much in them that you can't carry them.
  • ARE EASY TO CLEAN: One of the biggest complaints baggers have is that many customers' reusable bags are gross because they are never washed. A CRESBI can be easily wiped clean or even put in the dishwasher.
  • ARE EASY TO USE: The made-in-America strap pops them open, can’t overload.
  • ARE DURABLE: CRESBI is a long-lasting investment that includes custom-fit thermal insulators.
  • SAVE 15%: Use coupon code: “SCANBOXGO” when you checkout. Cincinnati residents also get free delivery!

Here are the Kroger stores that currently offer the Scan Bag Go technology:

  • Cold Spring, KY
  • Loveland
  • Liberty Township
  • Dent
  • Middletown
  • Cherry Grove
  • Mt. Washington
  • Amelia
  • Anderson
  • Goshen
  • Hyde Park
  • Madeira
  • Mariemont
  • Hillsboro
  • Mt. Orab

If you had to let the baggers pack for you, just how fast could they pack a CRESBI? This video shows with very little practice its pretty easy for anyone to pack as fast as those competing at the National Grocers Association contest for Best Bagger: