Flier Laminated: CRESBI in Carts


To print or not to print? That is the question! A lot of marketing ends up in the trash which ends up in the landfill. As a CRESBI rep you decide if you want to hand out fliers by purchasing the glossy fliers or even printing them yourself. A pack of 15 glossy double-sided fliers with the main CRESBI products on one side and customer testimonials from around the nation on the back side is available for $5. If you plan to participate in shows and just want one flier that's laminated to attach to your display for people to checkout order a laminated flier! Of course you can also download the PDF here and then print and laminate them yourself: CRESBIS in CARTS, REUSABLE BAGS FARCE

  • CRESBI Crate Systems in Carts (Side 1)
  • "Farce of Reusable Bags" (Side 2)