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A Better Box:

STOP plastic in landfills!

Our Sustainable Produce Container is the cost-competitive, environmentally-friendly packaging alternative to the waste of plastic produce clamshell containers. It can be accepted as cardboard by all recycling centers or it can also easily biodegrade in a backyard compost pile. The earth-themed cutouts represent all the elements that went into creating the produce.. Read more...

It's FREE!

FREE GIFT for >$100 orders!

If your order is over $100 we will throw in a free set of 8 Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids! We love these things and love avoiding Seran or Cling wrap! To get yours just order at least $100 worth of Sun Sugar Farms products AND mention in your order notes that you want a set! Click here to learn more about this dishwasher and microwave-safe product: LIDS



Just what IS a CRESBI???

Pronounced "cress bee" - or was it Krispy Kreme? A CRESBI Crate system is a collapsible, reusable lightweight crate/s designed to protect your products, protect your health and save you time.  It can replace up to 6 plastic bags depending on what you're buying and there's a system for you no matter how full you fill a cart! 




Buy Now!

BUT! Which system?!

No matter how full you fill a cart we've got a CRESBI system for you! We started with just a couple systems but as time went on we responded with the additional sizes and even colors our customers wanted. The link below is the main page of systems to choose from to meet your needs. Shop now..