Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes


These little cherry tomatoes are like candy from the sun, often described as "bite-size bursts of sweetness".  Sweet, thick, with a beautiful orange color, even children enjoy popping them into their mouths.  Several years ago, Sun Sugar was named by Sunset magazine as the best tasting tomato in their trials for its sweetness and rich flavor. Sold in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area only, weekly deliveries can be made with advance orders. Available July -  early September. Purchase Sun Sugar Cherry Tomatoes:

1/2 pint (6 oz) = $3.00 (shown in photo above)
1 pint, (12 oz) = $4.00 (photo at left)
2 pints (1 
quart/1.5 pounds) = $5.00 (clear clamshell)

Store your sun sugars on your counter at room temperature with the stem side down out of direct sunlight.  They'll last longer and taste better than storing them in the refrigerator.  Refrigerating tomatoes changes both their taste and texture because it damages the membranes inside the fruit walls and changes the chemical structure.  Read more here: WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER REFRIGERATE TOMATOES  Our sun sugars are grown chemical-free, sudies show that growing tomatoes according to organic standards results in dramatically elevated phenols (the flavor) content compared to tomatoes grown conventionally, using agricultural chemicals.

If you're a school looking for a great "Try It Out" Day vegetable consider purchasing some like Kenton County Schools has!  Delivered in bulk the day before in Mini CRESBI crates so no boxes are harmed during the process!

Nutritional Information
Yellow tomatoes have valuable amounts of beta-carotene, the pigment that gives orange and yellow tomatoes their color and helps neutralize free radicals that may damage our cells. Besides a good dose of vitamin C, yellow tomatoes have more niacin and folate than other tomatoes and offer a good level of potassium, important for regulating blood pressure, nerve function, and muscle control.

This recipe combines our edamame and sun sugar cherry tomatoes:

Sun Sugar Edamame Mediterranian Salad

2 cups sun sugar cherry tomatoes or cherry tomato mix cut in half
1 cup edamame beans (cooked & shelled)
½ cup roasted garlic
¾ cup feta cheese
½ chopped fresh basil
¼ - ½  cup extra virgin olive oil to taste (or get feta cheese in olive oil with or without olives from the Kroger olive bar)

Makes about 5 cups or 10 servings. Eat it by itself or on chips.