Sunflower Seeds/Heads


This item is just available in the greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and only during the months of September & October.


If you have a classroom planting project at your school and you're in the Cincinnati area, why not plant sunflower seeds?  They're extremely easy to grow and very hardy.  And they're greatfor the birds this winter, or for yourself if you cook them! Store the seeds in a dry container over the winter and then plant those seeds in the spring!  There are about 500-750 seeds per 7" head so you may want to share your order between several grades. The best part about it?  We'll deliver it wearing the Bag Monster or Trash Monster costume (your choice) so you can talk about taking care of the earth by not littering but by planting things!  Price per head:

Small (5" - 9" in diameter) ... $3/head
Medium (10" - 12" in diameter) ... $5/head
Large (14" - 17" in diameter) ... $10/head

Here's a video on how to cook them until we make our own video: ​HARVEST SUNFLOWER SEEDS

One of our fundraiser schools invited us to be at their Science Fair. Parker Woods Montessori School kids are not only smart for selling CRESBI crates as fundraisers they also are just super amazing! Check out this video made by one of the students who got to plant some sunflower seeds at Sun Sugar Farms' table at their science fair - watch her seeds grow!!!