CRESBI 3 Pack w/Bag HSN Special


CRESBI 3 Pack & Bag System (standard size) as seen on HSN TV

Do you prefer the smaller double-decker grocery cart because its easier to push but want to fit more in it?
Do you wish the checkers would pack the groceries the way you want them?
Do you make it home from the grocery store to find your canned goods have rolled all over your car and your gallon of milk has tipped over on your bread? 

Be kinder to your groceries and easier on yourself and the checkers with the CRESBI Crates 3 Pack as seen on HSN. The included heavy duty, collapsible thermal insert with zipper and hot/cold gel pack, keeps hot and cold foods from changing temperature on the way home! CRESBI systems not only help protect your groceries and keep them in place, they make it easy to carry them inside. There's even collapsble CRESBI Wheels you can add to stack all three crates in!

What You Get:

  • 3 Collapsible, Stackable Grocery Shopping crates
  • Removable strap
  • Canvas tote bag
  • Heavy duty freezable insert with hot/cold gel pack
  • Your choice of crate and strap colors and styles
  • Please note: we no longer offer the lightweight thermal insert as seen in the video